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League ID: 110185

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Holiday Lanes - Columbus
4589 E Broad St
ColumbusOH 43224


Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Bowling Babes
1HUBER, PATW267510979146200536
2GRAHAM, BILLIEW49759041120155445
3, VACANTW490012000
4WILLIAMS, SARAW38113886171239634
Team 2: Pussy Cats
1MARTIN, SHIRLEYW218112288151208547
2SEELY, DONNAW44678461126165455
3DUNBAR, VANNAW368411389135187464
4ANDERSON, MICHELLEW47713150170226592
Team 3: I Can't Remember
1MAXWELL, DALEW45455638125172477
2MCAFEE, LEEW337810803138182481
3HANNA, BARBW187211179155208547
4WEATHERBY, DEAW267210545146203512
Team 4: Rainbow All Star
1HANF, CLARAW45759324124171444
2ERAMO, SUZYW207811932152208536
3LEAPER, SANDYW54758621114167403
4BRANNIGAN, DOLORESW207811886152214509
Team 5: You Can't Touch
1BIAS, PHYLLISW388010617132187474
2GONZALES, JAEW48738837121173430
3KARNES, PAMW468110042123168440
4CODLING, LORIW258312264147206521
Team 6: Pin Pals
1LUKE, SHIRLEYW43698791127173495
2KARLICH, KARENW387810367132168453
3FRIESAND, LISAW357710546136213542
4MULLINS, BRENDAW317810932140178473
Team 7: Pinbusters
1GOODYEAR, MINDYW39273563131162428
2GOODYEAR, DONNAW31456336140189525
3WINTERS, MARCYW19659967153220558
4KINCAID, GLENNAW31699664140196516
5MOBERLY, MICHELLEW157812332158209545
Team 8: 4 L's
1GLASCO, LOUISEW387810372132230485
2WASHINGTON, LORAINEW25385589147183510
3BRADSHAW, LINDAW427810059128190444
4PERUZZI, LISAW198012319153214544
Team 9: Pinseekers
1MCNAMER, GLORIAW51394640118168395
2FRALEY, CHARLAW347510302137213486
3SHRIMPLIN, SHERRYW338411664138184498
4LITTON, TENAW187812089154203572
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