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High Sierra Lanes
3390 S Virginia St
RenoNV 89502

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Summer Hound Dogs
1Evans, GayleW57274418163205557
2Evans, FloydM68335046152191508
3Farrell, JannaeW73365312147179500
4Farrell, RogerM36397189184248602
Team 2: Let's Roll
1Clifton, CarlM91354542129181458
2Funk, BonnieW78395548142177488
3Manrique, GeorgeM72243562148193499
4VanSickle, JayM56335417164224611
Team 3: Hawaii
1Hibler, RonM26305825194268713
2Steele, RogerM13214367207300767
3Cobb, JulietaW47274682173211584
4Brooks, ErnestM34397259186230627
Team 4: Baby Boomers
1Hussey, CherylW106364118114162420
2Lane, JacqueW93303835127157426
3Petro, PauletteW88395160132180439
4Hussey, CliffordM66365547154224620
Team 5: Sinkos
1Kroeger, RobertM64365636156193541
2Rhoades, EdwardM75395658145214495
3Lacuata, VictorM47366255173226600
4Waldrep, DennisM80334644140180462
Team 6: Forever Young
1Ricciuti, JoyceW90364709130162445
2Kleider, JanW88334370132171443
3Foote, HaroldM73365311147188486
4Veitenheimer, WilliamM41274853179236608
5Philis, TomM5191522169203551
Team 7: Banana Splits
1Short, LynnW95212632125151413
2Zwakenberg, GailW60335301160202569
3Zwakenberg, RichardM32397342188236642
4Pantlik, HarryM16306123204259650
5Reynolds, FrankM80121688140210483
6Reynolds, FrankM1053347115125347
Team 8: Whoozup 2
1Morrison, ThurmaW74304386146207521
2Meyer, MarciaW65365598155210549
3Hubbard, MildredW60365793160210542
4Wingard, MarlineW63121889157199496
Team 9: 3 Strikes & A Spare
1Lundy, SherrieW83334531137192457
2Lundy, StanM78334710142226527
3Harp, JohnM56396411164209555
4Cook, WilburM36366651184238613
Team 10: Dream Team
1Arenque, AbeM77334750143195508
2Aflague, FernandoM29397469191238671
3Harada, RonaldM29366881191244685
4Ferretti, RoyM28366915192259634
Team 11: Lobo's
1Hutchins, LeeW67395994153198527
2Davis, SylviaW71274046149193539
3Hutchins, LeonM62396165158214534
4Uribe, CarlM45366312175211587
Team 12: Lucky Bill
1Mejia Jr., CarlosM62213333158198515
2Mullen, BillM48366201172219555
3Wilson, ScottM32397337188256739
4Dye, WilliamM40397036180253619
5Bussard, HaroldM19153026201268664
Team 13: Lucky 13
1Bayer, DoloresW76334756144179471
2Spencer, LolaW98212568122166420
3Covarelli, JohnM82364981138185468
4Lowther, SusanW64396092156200535
Team 14: The Choppers
1Cordero Sr., RobertM59396296161215543
2Jastrow, WilliamM74304383146202503
3Stewart, BillM31366826189236632
4Stephenson, MichaelM5367744215265725
Team 15: Summer Fun
1McNally, JoyceW60365762160196573
2Smith, DianeW89303932131165437
3Simanis, SusanW77395591143190497
4Okimoto, WayneM55365950165220554
Team 16: Going For It
1Tun, BonnieW119393977101139357
2Viertel, RichardM80395460140200528
3Pappas, DaleM65396060155204535
4Snyder, DonnaW55335462165213536
Team 17: Cereal Bowlers
1Cole, JulieW103242822117148382
2Berkovatz, DianeW95364522125159441
3Hallmark, AmyW93212669127155412
4Jaggers, DanielM12518172395118313
5Mathews, GaryM3161136189232577
6Mathews, PatriciaW776863143174443
Team 18: Miss Ballsy
0, VACANT 900013000
0, VACANT 900013000
0, VACANT 900013000
0, VACANT 900013000
1Andreini, MikeM52366049168247587
2, VACANTM900013000
3Waters, NFNW109364031111162411
4Andreini, MarkM48396729172247609
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