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Lane Assignments Wednesday Hump 2018

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
1123Big Ball Handlers30435 1229Veni, Vidi, Vici25400
1325Libby's Boys31432 1427Split On It35369
152Grin 'N Bear It22428 16163'S Company37368
17143-Bearded Men15509 1818Gutter $Lut$26432
1912Barcelona Boys38474 2020Gutter Ratz4478
2110Crazy 88'S18405 2222I Love Tacos11415
238Three Amigos8524 24242 Bettys & A Hetty7484
256The Wanna B's34391 2626Balls Deep24474
274Scooby Snacks16463 2828Tcb3469
291Split Or Swallow28376 3030Classic Clip29410
313Who's Your Daddy2535 3232Myb9334
335Really Ron?23426 3434Baby Seals10450
357The Orphans27453 3636Fire Balls20351
379To Too, Two 2, Tutu Old19486 3838Hard Ballers5380
3911High Rollers39493 4040Catch Up14428
4113Seriously?13445 42392 Holes & A Pole32464
4315Strikes Made Different21511 4437Rumor Has It1591
4517Living On A Spare33382 4635The Munsons17446
4719Lickety Splits40383 4833Split This12451
4921Wat Buddies6462 5031Tammy'z Trampz36462