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High Performance Lanes
2012 Innis Road
ColumbusOH 43224
(614) 267-0321

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Team 1: Hard Balls
1Strausbaugh, KellyW88121462121165423
2Bradley, JeffM84151891126165432
3Bidwell, MichaelM65152232148181486
4Halsne, KenM56152381158200526
Team 2: Split Or Swallow
1Lutz, EarnieM90151792119145374
2Burson, SteveM53121949162195520
3Traylor, RobertM56152374158211564
4DeWitt, DanM23122365197239659
Team 3: Thots & Bears
1Briggs, JasonM6871010144177444
2Bale, JustinM726845140174436
3Smith, RaymieM85121488124173401
4Gambrill, MarkM67121755146191507
5Montero, JosephM613460153169460
Team 4: Pink Ladies
1Pauvlinch, PhilM60121857154202498
2Lewis, JakeM80121567130177485
3Soller, BrianM38152710180221576
4Fallon, JasonM4591541171211540
Team 5: Bewitched
1Patterson, SherrieW97151660110143368
2Casto, AaronM70121709142227465
3DeBoer, SteveM80121571130181465
4Hughes, JohnM34122223185222618
5Redfield, JeffM8691115123163373
Team 6: Bowling Bitch Face
1Wylie, DarrylM102151582105126351
2Pinkerton, RickM98151647109134351
3Hutkowski, DanM79121572131158427
4Betz, RicM11312111192114296
Team 7: Split Happens
1Danner, KennyM69121725143177487
2Olive, JamesM68121743145171455
3Liebhart, JasonM46101703170197530
4Cooperider, JerryM58121878156198517
5Sesco, JerryM856775124170447
Team 8: Pocket Hookerz
1Fay, ChrisM83121529127195465
2Bowers, EdM1361598665100214
3Moore, LanaW79151986132184471
4Crisostomo, JJM51121973164210520
Team 9: The Honey B Boys
1Stuckey, AdrianM8691109123191411
2Cashner, BobM596860155158440
3Tomola, DavidM5991402155180519
4Henry, DanM60121852154200517
5Huelsbeck, DavidM756881136167455
Team 10: Hot Joints
1Maxwell, JeffM2122669222252706
2Eyerman, DonaldM8591117124152385
3Woerner, RicM62142130152194488
4Rosa, EricM27152898193224627
5Pinkston, JackieW943388114160388
6Eyerman, EricM000000
Team 11: Capitals
1Wean, ZacharyM78121605133155429
2Zenda, ZacharyM66152218147200491
3Irving, DannyM75121632136196480
4Jones, JeremyM63152254150193474
5Lordi, AnthonyM466999170206536
Team 12: Totz
1Jensen, KateW81151945129165430
2Kocsis, AubreyW8591125125192461
3Williams, ChrisM98151635109169387
4Oliver, RonnieM73152080138181494
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