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2012 Innis Road
ColumbusOH 43224
(614) 267-0321
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Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 09/09/2019
Start Time: 8:15 PM
Last Updated: 1/19/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: B=====D
1Strausbaugh, KellyW91758831117169433
2Smith, RaymieM84759491126185448
4Gambrill, MarkM738111275139233525
Team 2: Balls Of Glory
1Sothen, ToddM738111238138194480
2Vest, JamesM678111865146197497
3Tuttle, ChuckM95667463113165449
4Hannan, RogerM707811114142201524
Team 3: Weird Crisco
1Venci, ChrisM626710246152223571
2Kennedy, LeioW80668599130183442
3Hunter- East, DJM77526978134178456
4Erdmann, KeifferM517211945165234588
5Hunter- East, KieranM96515687111142405
Team 4: Hot Joints
1Maxwell, JeffM96614165214290781
2Pinkston, JackieW94394473114150381
3Woerner, RicM60497578154254571
4Rosa, EricM246913561196298689
5Eyerman, DonaldM81334285129165434
6Eyerman, EricM963335111121335
Team 5: Hard Balls
1Bradley, JeffM91849833117182426
2, VACANTM127007500
3Bidwell, MichaelM808110532130223518
4Halsne, KenM518413927165235558
Team 6: Pink Ladies
1Pauvlinch, PhilM657511139148202508
2Lewis, JakeM88819854121195494
3Soller, BrianM468113789170247608
4Fallon, JasonM517211858164214585
Team 7: Honey Bee Boys
1Stuckey, AdrianM73699558138179484
2Cashner, BobM59639792155212534
3Huelsbeck, DavidM75608203136178497
4Henry, DanM497212041167237603
Team 8: Plit Happens
1Danner, KennyM73699595139188487
2Olive, JamesM576610368157215538
3Liebhart, TimM426010553175262673
4Cooperider, JerryM69517328143203494
Team 9: Misfits
1Jones, RobertM83789935127168450
2Sesco, JerryM85728992124182508
3Cole, BrianM57457068157204536
4Vaccarella, DanM40549578177239597
5Kidwell, CarmenW833383127149383
Team 10: Bewitched
1Patterson, SherrieW103757752103165418
2DeBoer, SteveM78608036133210468
3Casto, AaronM777510097134202460
4Hughes, JohnM375710371181244615
5Redfield, JeffM102424403104155368
Team 11: Pocket Hookerz
1McBride, DanM70517292142204496
2Goldsberr, CoreyM70608566142197515
3Yarge, KourtneyW96758363111182415
4Crisostomo, JJM388314960180255641
5Fay, ChrisM95192148113137380
Team 12: Nacho Totz
1Oliver, RyanM62426405152202505
2Kocsis, AubreyW85729006125177450
3Clutter(R), JoeyM71446209141183481
4Oliver, RonnieM687811297144177490
5Jensen, KateW76668970135201458
Team 13: 3 Dix & A Chick
1Boyd-McCanless, GenaW687811360145214534
2Lordi-Lamothe, JoeM68426081144195474
3Lordi, AnthonyM466010215170255600
4McCanless, JamesM327213520187247630
5Ackerson, KeithM316011306188289668
Team 14: Split N Swallow
1Lutz, EarnieM797810269131179469
2Burson, SteveM577511779157224576
3Traylor, RobertM378415214181243619
4DeWitt, DanM206613294201248708