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League ID: 110939

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Harley's Simi Bowl
480 E. Los Angeles Ave.
Simi ValleyCA 93065

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Not Enough Head
1Pruneau, MelissaW66304035134167477
2Pruneau, MichaelM44365647156245632
3Tubb, JasonM29305152171262583
4Heuring, LydiaW100363612100132378
5Lidtke, ShirleyW000000
Team 2: The Odd Couples
1Beacham, MichaelM39335320161213591
2Steinle, ScottM97272793103142366
3Egidi, VickyW86303430114151397
4Kreutzer, KindraW98242448102135355
5LeKander, ShellyW77334076123176453
Team 3: Rolling Rock
1Peebles, AndyM26396810174268635
2Xerri, DavidM77303713123188430
3Fletcher, PhilM14366720186268708
4Penwell, PhilM6305840194245661
Team 4: Random Strikers
1Shaw, CandyW48365494152180504
2Moore, PollyW54365256146183484
3Walker, RickM33366012167224596
4Moore, GarryM23366377177252624
Team 5: Sharks
1Schechter, MichaelM71364660129168445
2Jordanhazy, NormM87333753113155414
3Volk, MattM7691124124166436
4Williams, ToddM68303962132197520
Team 6: Dolphins
1Schechter, JodiW81273222119158399
2Schechter, AlexM54304393146191513
3Schechter, LazarusM1261289474103252
4Quick, AllyW119973181103276
5Turner, CraigM90181989110141353
6Miller, JimM77182225123199493
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