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CenterID: 2650
Foxfire Lanes
225 Security St
KannapolisNC 28083-2757

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Hall, Jacob2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League18
Smith, Justin2022-23 Foxfire Mixed17
Hill, Cynthia2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed15
Lane, Pete2022 Fall Foxfire Youth15
Workman, Bill2022-23 Foxfire Mixed13
Love, Lucas2022 Fall Foxfire Youth12
Rumrill, Derek2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed12
Wilson, Brittany2022-23 Foxfire Mixed12
Wilson, Matthew2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League12
Yost, Charles2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed12
Coe, Audric2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League11
Barnhill, Owen2022-23 Dang It Dan Hot Hand Chall.11
Anderson, Amy2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Aiello, Rose2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Davenport, Linda2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Garcia, Randy2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Hughes, Zachary2023 Week's End Daytime Club11
Lowery, Chris2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Mayhorn, Teresa2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed11
Presutti, Owen2022-23 Foxfire Mixed11
Robinson, Mike2022-23 Foxfire Seniors11
Allison, Keniyia2022-23 Foxfire Mixed10
Anderson, Mason2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Blalock, Randy2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League10
Bryant, Michael2022-23 La Brew Men10
Engels, Hunter2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Grimes, Matt2022-23 La Brew Men10
Hall, Mario2022-23 La Brew Men10
Hill, Billy2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed10
Hoover, Penny2022-23 Foxfire Seniors10
Huddle, Hunter2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Little, Kaleb2022-23 Foxfire Mixed10
McDonald, Josiah2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Merck, Katrina2022-23 Foxfire Mixed10
Moore, Prisca2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed10
Moose, Aaron2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League10
Murphy, John2022-23 Dang It Dan Hot Hand Chall.10
Podolsky, Richard2022-23 Foxfire Mixed10
Raymer, Joe2022-23 La Brew Men10
Sanders, Nathan2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed10
Sechler, Jacob2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed10
Shoe, Donnie2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League10
Smith, Kaden2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Steele, Kevin2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League10
Taylor, Robin2022-23 Foxfire Mixed10
Tyson, William2022 Fall Foxfire Youth10
Cottone, Ryan2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Cottone, Noah2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Cottone, Nicholas2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Clatterbuck, Nicole2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Brown, Elijah2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Blake, Mackenzie2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Bell, Spoody2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Annas, Lindsay2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League9
Adkins, Christopher2023 Week's End Daytime Club9
Dalton, Howard2023 Week's End Daytime Club9
Dodge, Chloe2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed9
Ellis, Tommy2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Henriksen, Hollie2022-23 Dang It Dan Hot Hand Chall.9
Hilton, Mason2022-23 La Brew Men9
Hines, Sandra2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League9
Hoggard, Terry2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Hoggard, Terry TJ2022-23 La Brew Men9
Howard, Carl2022-23 La Brew Men9
Kerley, Emily2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed9
Kerley, Emily2023 Week's End Daytime Club9
McDonald, Derek2023 Week's End Daytime Club9
Moore, Helen2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League9
Noblitt, Sam2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed9
Petroff, Steve2023 Week's End Daytime Club9
Price, Ben2022-23 La Brew Men9
Reynolds, Barb2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Sechler, Scott2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Sisler, Paul2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Spickard, Nathan2022 Fall Foxfire Youth9
Vaughn, Greg2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Vaughn, Jennifer2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Workman, Amanda2022-23 Foxfire Mixed9
Ahr, William2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Ashby, Audra2022-23 La Brew Men8
Balentine, William2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League8
Bartlett, Dakota2022-23 Bargain Seekers Fun League8
Bennett, Haven2022 Fall Foxfire Youth8
Clapp, Crystal2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Clontz, Michael2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Dalton, Ericka2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Eichten, Eve2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Houston, Alex2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed8
Houston, Alex2022-23 La Brew Men8
Irons, Wendy2022-23 Dang It Dan Hot Hand Chall.8
Jackson, Maurice2022-23 Foxfire Seniors8
Jackson, Trey2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League8
Lowery, Tyler2022 Fall Foxfire Youth8
Mathis, Dan2022 Fall- 12 Week Trio League8
Miles, Allen2022-23 Thursday Night Mixed8
Oot, Ethan2022 Fall Foxfire Youth8
Parker, RJ2022-23 La Brew Men8
Paul, Frank2022-23 Foxfire Mixed8
Plant, Keith2023 Week's End Daytime Club8
Reed, Todd2022-23 Foxfire Seniors8