League Standings MILLER LITE DOUBLES 2017-2018

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miller-lite-doubles-2017-2018: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 19
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
118Randy, Drew, Jeremy29781 %44398231645111353
24Troy And Brett241267 %49416235705011376
39Sean And Jason231364 %55441245155161451
417Olson231364 %41358204204391197
522Eric And Brian231364 %43331190564251184
65Jason And Aaron231364 %39380218625101273
719Pert211558 %46401220185131408
810Merlin And Pat211558 %29319180994131154
921Ytterness201656 %41383219785041337
1020Bill And Larry191753 %39397218614761256
1114Jim And Adam191753 %38399224714921354
1215Jordan And Ron181850 %38387223205381359
131Eric And Scott181850 %34372212964971397
142Steve And Brian17.518.549 %28.5320182993861081
1512Charlie And Cory171947 %38362206474541204
163Jay And Randy171947 %34346193654681304
177Melvin And Olen152142 %39411227964911344
188Sean And Chad152142 %39386223344551314
1913Glen And Jeff142239 %41401229724681303
2016Devries122433 %39412235354991358
2111Mike And Emanuel122433 %31378216084941361
226Doug And Lauri122433 %35393222844821291
2323Doppenbergs112531 %27313163153991088
2424Tiesen7.528.521 %22.5357141494531146
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