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East Providence Lanes
80 Newport Ave.
E. ProvidenceRI 02916

Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/06/2019
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 12/9/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: P I N B U S T E R S
1, VacantW760014000
2Bodak, AlyssaW35315677183235620
3Kilduff, CarolineW57335266159213547
4Mckinley, PaulM6337052213278766
Team 2: M I S F I T S Ii
1, VacantW760014000
2Mcilmail, SheilaW97364243117162408
3Turner, MaggieM98354077116159424
4Mcilmail, SteveM92303701123160420
Team 3: Bigger Than Big !
1Larocque, PattiW71365251145188481
2Girard, DaveM46366158171242562
3Girard, BobM57365735159220577
4Bradshaw, StevenM19367197199242646
Team 4: P I N G U I N S
1Masiello, SarahW106363893108166395
2Wyrostek, AshleighW100364114114166420
3Trudell, ChristopherM111272796103145373
4Wyrostek, DevinM61365584155237550
5Wyrostek, FrankM116329197109291
Team 5: Bedrock Bowlers Return
1, VacantW760014000
2Stoddard, PatW100364115114166414
3Stoddard Sr.., KenM48366101169221567
4Bradley Sr.., BryanM36305463182245614
Team 6: Bangin Hookers
1Parker, StephenieW11518177498140334
2Vazquez, JaimeM86334275129211458
3Guy, JasonM95333985120171406
4Vazquez, DennisM67365387149222582
Team 7: Laugh Now, Laugh Later
1Bracey, ReneeW110121256104135361
2Rivera, AntonioM112121233102154367
3Bracey, TonyaW76334587139201515
4Bracey Jr.., JoeyM21336528197269647
Team 8: E Bowl A
1, VACANTW760014000
2Smith, EvaW94303652121173415
3Mathieu, MikeM76365012139190486
4Ricker, MikeM57365744159210522
Team 9: Annette's Devils
1Gagne, AnnetteW94273285121153421
2Gaynor, JohnM65365468151206515
3O'connor, BrianM57304826160201533
4Salisbury, TomM13367433206248703
Team 10: Fahq In Pins
1Stoddard, SammyW102333714112150381
2Kosowski, EdwardM61365580155238608
3Frankian, GreggM33305563185228626
4Cayer, JonM8336970211280745