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LeagueID: 89711
Dunedin Trio 2022-2023
Bowls On: Wednesdays
Start Date: 08/31/2022
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 3/29/2023

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Men's Game - 2022 fall Week 20
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ScoreBowler NameTeam Name
 Page 1 of 2, items 1 to 100 of 141.
289Aquino, RayKaBoom
279Kerr, ClaudeThe Invaders
268Utterback, HunterWGAF
268Tarquinio, NickTriple XXX
258Harmon, GordonBowlers Warehouse
248Aquino, RayKaBoom
247Taylor, VonLuck of the Draw
247Kerr, ClaudeThe Invaders
246Tarquinio, NickTriple XXX
246Aquino, RayKaBoom
246Wheeler, ThomasTom's Pro Shop
245Schoenbachler, RonKim Adams ReMax
244Adams, RaymondKim Adams ReMax
243Lafflin, GeorgeBeer Frame
243Brown, StephenTeam Fish-On
243Brown, StephenTeam Fish-On
240Howard, JohnAll Three Holes
238Woodall, JaretBILF's
237Buird, Bernard3 B's
236Heeman, JohnTriple XXX
236Lafflin, GeorgeBeer Frame
235Riske, AnielloTeam Fish-On
234Adams, RaymondKim Adams ReMax
233Heeman, JohnTriple XXX
233Koppinger, RonaldShark Attacks Ron
232Kiffel, DaleBILF's
229Teitler, PaulWGAF
227Heeman, JohnTriple XXX
227Roy, EdwardTriple XXX
224Tarquinio, NickTriple XXX
224Ray, KevinKaBoom
224Koppinger, RonaldShark Attacks Ron
223Taylor, VonLuck of the Draw
223Harmon, GordonBowlers Warehouse
221Dawkins, LenneyDunedin Lanes
221Haven, JeffThe Invaders
221Kerr, ClaudeThe Invaders
220Evarts, MichaelThe Jamokes
219Buird, Josh3 B's
217Dawkins, LenneyDunedin Lanes
216Riske, AnielloTeam Fish-On
216Taylor, VonLuck of the Draw
215Brouillard, RichardPin Pounders
214Carrubba, AnthonyWhatever II
214Millheim, BernardBowlers Warehouse
213Wheeler, ThomasTom's Pro Shop
212Berry, JosephInjured Reserve
212Wheeler, ThomasTom's Pro Shop
212Brouillard, RichardPin Pounders
212Bertels, AndrewWhatever II
211Utterback, HunterWGAF
211Pietroburgo, ErnestLuck of the Draw
211Woodall, JaretBILF's
211Vinson, RonPerenich Law
210Evarts, MichaelThe Jamokes
210Utterback, HunterWGAF
210Brouillard, RichardPin Pounders
208Adams, RaymondKim Adams ReMax
208Woodward, JerryPelican Aire
207Spencer, JohnThe Invaders
206Spencer, JohnThe Invaders
206Altepeter, ShaneAll Three Holes
206Hulsey, JameyWhatever II
206Berry, JosephInjured Reserve
204Carrubba, AnthonyWhatever II
204Hankins, RussellBILF's
203Koppinger, RonaldShark Attacks Ron
203Kiffel, DaleBILF's
203Evarts, MichaelThe Jamokes
202Vinson, RonPerenich Law
200Altepeter, ShaneAll Three Holes
200Browne, MarkWhisper Snaps
199Houghton, RichardPelican Aire
199Vinson, RonPerenich Law
198Altepeter, ShaneAll Three Holes
198Woodward, JerryPelican Aire
198Ray, KevinKaBoom
197Carrubba, AnthonyWhatever II
195Pippenger, PaulInjured Reserve
195Buird, Bernard3 B's
195Hankins, RussellBILF's
195Haven, JeffThe Invaders
194Buird, Bernard3 B's
194Teitler, PaulWGAF
194Pietroburgo, ErnestLuck of the Draw
192Berry, JosephInjured Reserve
192Lafflin, GeorgeBeer Frame
192Houghton, RichardPelican Aire
192Hankins, RussellBILF's
191Roy, EdwardTriple XXX
190Kiffel, DaleBILF's
189Schoenbachler, RonKim Adams ReMax
188Browne, MarkWhisper Snaps
186Dawkins, LenneyDunedin Lanes
186Hulsey, JameyWhatever II
186Bertels, AndrewWhatever II
185Courtney, BrianWhisper Snaps
185Brown, StephenTeam Fish-On
183Howard, JohnAll Three Holes
183Schoenbachler, RonKim Adams ReMax