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CenterID: 640
Dunedin Lanes
405 Patricia Avenue
DunedinFL 34698

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Monitzer, KarlNo-Tap Summer 202218
Regan, MikePBA Experience Summer 202217
Bero, RyanPBA Experience Summer 202214
Fleig, PattiNo-Tap Summer 202214
Franqueira, JeanNo-Tap Summer 202214
Bashline, EdSunday Night Doubles 202213
Alvarado, MikeSunday Night Doubles 202213
Everitt, GaryPBA Experience Summer 202213
Fortunato, GenevieveDunedin Trio Summer 202213
Greene, KevinPBA Experience Summer 202213
Jochim, BrentDunedin Trio Summer 202213
Abresch, OwenYouth/Adult Bowling Club S2212
Catarelli-Jr, MikePBA Experience Summer 202212
Grimm, RobertJack + Jill Summer 202212
Perryman, BradPBA Experience Summer 202212
Rice, JaniePBA Experience Summer 202212
Stephens, KenJack + Jill Summer 202212
Bechtle, GlennSenior Moments Summer 202211
Beach, JamesDunedin Trio Summer 202211
Amundson, RogerOTOW Summer Fun 202211
Catarelli-Sr, MikePBA Experience Summer 202211
Cole, KennethDunedin Trio Summer 202211
Coville, ScottDunedin Trio Summer 202211
Crain, JennPBA Experience Summer 202211
Daughtery, MikeThursday Men's Trio Sum 202211
Dawkins, KylerDunedin Trio Summer 202211
House, RobertPBA Experience Summer 202211
Husted, ScottJack + Jill Summer 202211
Lowery, ChristopherDunedin's Summer Teens 2211
Poster, KevinMonday Melodies Summer 202211
Smith, JosephPBA Experience Summer 202211
Toy, PaulDunedin's Summer Teens 2211
Woodall, JaretPBA Experience Summer 202211
Carlson, MaxPBA Experience Summer 202210
Alvarado, JessicaPBA Experience Summer 202210
Aquino, RayPBA Experience Summer 202210
Beilman, RichardDunedin Trio Summer 202210
Battles, JamesDunedin Trio Summer 202210
Gaudreau, RolandSummer Funsters 202210
Koenig, RalphPBA Experience Summer 202210
Lipper, BruceMonday Melodies Summer 202210
Mathews, PhilipJack + Jill Summer 202210
Page, NancyDunedin Trio Summer 202210
Prestipino, JoeThursday Men's Trio Sum 202210
Regan, MikeJack + Jill Summer 202210
Standing, TylerJack + Jill Summer 202210
Utterback, HunterPBA Experience Summer 202210
Verdier, DennisJack + Jill Summer 202210
Watson, DarrenYouth/Adult Bowling Club S2210
Weiss, KennethJack + Jill Summer 202210
Woodruff, JayThursday Men's Trio Sum 202210
Baker, BradJack + Jill Summer 20229
Bechtle, TerrySenior Moments Summer 20229
Anderson, AndyMonday Melodies Summer 20229
Carrubba, AnthonyThursday Men's Trio Sum 20229
Caudill, KermitJack + Jill Summer 20229
Chisholm, DonnaNo-Tap Summer 20229
Dawkins, KennyDunedin Trio Summer 20229
Espino, JosePBA Experience Summer 20229
Espino, JoseDunedin Trio Summer 20229
Francis, JesseMonday Mixers Summer 20229
Gaillard, JamesNo-Tap Summer 20229
Gaudreau, JoanneSummer Funsters 20229
Gutierrez, MarkSummer Funsters 20229
Johnson, ThomasMonday Mixers Summer 20229
Kerr, ClaudePBA Experience Summer 20229
Misura, MarkPBA Experience Summer 20229
Musial, CorySunday Night Doubles 20229
Richardson, MichaelJack + Jill Summer 20229
Schamante, JohnThursday Men's Trio Sum 20229
Sinn, EvanSunday Night Doubles 20229
Snyder, KathyThursday Ladies Trio S229
Thompson, DanPBA Experience Summer 20229
Toy, PauloJack + Jill Summer 20229
Weis, ThomasDunedin Trio Summer 20229
Weiss, JenniferJack + Jill Summer 20229
Williams, BrianThursday Men's Trio Sum 20229
Campbell, RickDunedin Trio Summer 20228
Cakall, JustinDunedin's Summer Teens 228
Cable, JannaNo-Tap Summer 20228
Aquino, RaySummer Funsters 20228
Barberio, JohnSenior Moments Summer 20228
Amundson, TinaOTOW Summer Fun 20228
Alessi, MelissaPBA Experience Summer 20228
Alagna, JaniceSenior Moments Summer 20228
Alexander, DonDunedin Trio Summer 20228
Alvarado, JessicaSunday Night Doubles 20228
Bero, RyanYouth/Adult Bowling Club S228
Borham, ArthurSenior Moments Summer 20228
Berry, JosephDunedin Trio Summer 20228
Craig, GeorgeSunday Night Doubles 20228
Diefenbach, DebbieJack + Jill Summer 20228
Fiore, AlOTOW Summer Fun 20228
Fortenberry, JodyJack + Jill Summer 20228
Gafford, MorganMonday Melodies Summer 20228
Gray, BryanThursday Men's Trio Sum 20228
Janvrin, StevenPBA Experience Summer 20228
Kleban, DennisDunedin Trio Summer 20228
Krentz, JerryNo-Tap Summer 20228
Krentz, JerryMonday Melodies Summer 20228