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CenterID: 640
Dunedin Lanes
405 Patricia Avenue
DunedinFL 34698

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Bromley, JonathanDunedin Spring Teens 202117
Eckhoff, GaryRegency Heights 202114
Bromley, JacobDunedin Spring Teens 202114
Toms, JanCrystal Bay 202114
Smith, TaylorDunedin Spring Teens 202114
Singer, NessonaDunedin Spring Teens 202113
York, RichardCrystal Bay 202112
Watson, GunnerDunedin Spring Teens 202111
Park, KeeganDunedin Spring Teens 202111
Park, EthanDunedin Spring Teens 202111
Caddick, Mary AnneRegency Heights 202110
Christian, MarilynRegency Heights 202110
Higgins, MillieRegency Heights 202110
Grilley, JoyceCrystal Bay 20219
Greenlee, CharlotteRegency Heights 20219
Gauvin, CoraRegency Heights 20219
Kockler, PhilRegency Heights 20219
Abshire, PaulCrystal Bay 20219
Camarda, KieraDunedin Spring Teens 20219
Travaglino, TylerDunedin Spring Teens 20219
Moore, MarkCrystal Bay 20219
Singer, JasonDunedin Spring Teens 20218
Spehar, SkipCrystal Bay 20218
Badders, TomCrystal Bay 20218
Cakall, JustinDunedin Spring Teens 20218
Eboli, CharleneRegency Heights 20218
Dunno, DickCrystal Bay 20218
Eckhoff, NancyRegency Heights 20218
Higgins, TomRegency Heights 20218
Gaillard, JamesRegency Heights 20217
Hawkins, JanRegency Heights 20217
Espino, AryonaDunedin Spring Teens 20217
Elber, JeanRegency Heights 20217
Caddick, BobRegency Heights 20217
Vercamen, AnthonyDunedin Spring Teens 20217
Singer, JanelleDunedin Spring Teens 20217
Moore, KathyCrystal Bay 20216
Spehar, ElinorCrystal Bay 20216
Utterback, HunterDunedin Spring Teens 20216
Zagrodnik, DickCrystal Bay 20216
Bush, WillieCrystal Bay 20216
Douglas, JudyRegency Heights 20215
Alvarado, LoganDunedin Spring Teens 20215
Middlebrook, GeorgeRegency Heights 20215
Weddell, MaryCrystal Bay 20215
Weddell, JohnCrystal Bay 20215
Malinowski, DaveCrystal Bay 20215
Perricone, PattyRegency Heights 20215
Pasquinelli, NicholasDunedin Spring Teens 20215
Shuman, LoyalRegency Heights 20214
Potter, ChaseDunedin Spring Teens 20214
Pleasant, JonaeDunedin Spring Teens 20214
Westjohn, CarolCrystal Bay 20214
Greenlee, JerryRegency Heights 20214
Marden, MadelynDunedin Spring Teens 20214
Myers, BobCrystal Bay 20213
Murphy, MichelleRegency Heights 20213
Zagrodnik, TrishCrystal Bay 20213
Wilkes, DougRegency Heights 20213
Miller, AidenDunedin Spring Teens 20213
Spalla, GinaDunedin Spring Teens 20212
Fox, JoeCrystal Bay 20211