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Double Decker Lanes
300 Golf Course Dr
Rohnert ParkCA 94928-1799

Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/13/2019
Start Time: 7:15 PM
Last Updated: 12/14/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Boom Baby Boom
1, VacantW540014000
1Trinei, AdrianneW67243020125188460
2Harjak, LisaW48243520146192500
2, VacantW540014000
3Hogan, DuwayneM54273800140186453
4Bennett, DanM29305035167230584
Team 2: Hit Or Miss
1Gern, AmyM50263757144195498
2Robles, MaryW53273830141191492
3Bertolini, BobM28274556168279606
4, VACANTM540014000
4, VacantM540014000
7, VacantM540014000
Team 3: Kabage Kids
1Kabage, BobbieW41172630154203491
2Line, LizW56273703137171455
3Kabage, BillM55223036138177460
4Giuliani, RichM45243582149183492
Team 4: Faux Bowlers
1, VacantW540014000
1Lombardi, TheresaW38304727157213530
2Sawyer, TracyW65202559127170412
3Hubbard, JamesM45304470149192520
3, VacantM540014000
4Sawyer, TomM21274769176234605
Team 5: Mash Unit 4077
1Dennis, HeatherW42304604153188511
2Olsen, BillM22305271175207582
3Fowler, AllisonW62273560131173436
4Dennis, AlanM46304446148195500
Team 6: Problem Children
1Askew, JanW73303557118165401
2Forney, DonM51304305143187536
3Browning, DebbieW81242631109157376
4Anderson, SteveM25305162172236585
5, VacantM540014000
Team 7: Mad Company
1Gallegos, HeatherW63273488129164453
2Norberg, JodiW70303683122189436
3Fridley, MartyM18305394179223622
4Norgard, DaveM23122091174205575
5Mendoza, RobM4171070154182483
Team 8: Guacabowle
1Goodwin, DaveM27274600170233624
2Ruhl, GinnyW43304568152223566
2, VacantM540014000
3Gilfillan, JohnM27274564169203563
4Ruhl, LaurenW25274652172215562
Team 9: Dyleski Family C
1Brokaw, JanisW53304236141175476
2Dyleski, RichardM71273292121152393
3Wallin, DebbiW41304629154213522
4Brokaw, FredM63303892129154422
Team 10: Simple Man Racin
1Bee, JoelleW62273542131178446
3Fore, DonnaW63243122130166466
4Fore, JohnM27274583169216558
5Studebaker, SteveM13275000185246623
Team 11: Bowler Bloopers
1Seavey, CatherineW87303107103131365
2Perkins, RussM24152601173206561
3Nunes, ReneeW67303779125167456
4Seavey, PhilipM76273111115168416
Team 12: Team 12
1, VACANTM540014000
2, VACANTW540014000
3, VACANTM540014000
4, VACANTW540014000