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Delaware Lanes
536 SUnbury RD
Delaware OH 43015

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Silver Sneakers +1
1Bostwick, BettyW52395631144191475
2Looney, KathyW56304227140182479
3Crile, LindaW66364599127178447
4Davenport, JillW12397643195254717
5Tenney, ShellyW29386600173213580
Team 2: Dukes Concrete
1Davenport, TerryM8397805200267688
2Lavender, BruceM35335494166232556
3Votaw, KraigM8397804200267654
4Green, VincentM13397555193258666
5Davenport, MattM0194042212278687
6Davenport, JoeyM4183675204288718
7Buck, DaveM720012000
8Hiles, C.J.M720012000
9Karshner, JohnM613400133158400
Team 3: There Goes Another One
1Phillips, TedM24305407180213610
2Havens, ShaunM19305600186224632
3Kidd, JoelM0367787216290690
4Matlack, ChipM0337580229289754
5Bennett, AceM0235312230278737
6Cotter, KarlM720012000
7Dauphin, ShawnM03636212225636
Team 4: Vp Aviation
1Rowe, EddieM27315475176215611
2Macklin, BruceM36396467165233615
3Marcum, DavidM17366791188254645
4Alkire, BrianM16152860190234642
5Ventresco, TomM19213909186233650
6Ray, TonyM8306002200277702
7Ray, CassyW720012000
Team 5: Cowboy Chuck
1Coomes, JaimeW45335050153202546
2Brehm, JimM44396069155211550
3Davis, TomM20366682185228603
4Pauley, DanM6336668202279699
5Loyacano, AnthonyM12203891194236645
6Brehm, BizW461235205247637
7Coomes, BrianM173564188243564
Team 6: Snakes On A Lane
1Zuspan, KalynnW643387129136387
2Pack, TravisM31335647171238644
3Thompson, LukeM29335727173233608
4Ratliff, OtisM0398408215300729
5Ratliff, NickM0367929220289726
6Cherry, RobM720012000
7Deel, ChadM0337489226290755
Team 7: No Tap
1Rinehart, JacobM39213393161193506
2Maceen, CourtneyW9233315395135339
3Maceen, BrianM43396107156222545
4Woolwine, CarlM26366394177238625
5Bardgill, GarrisonM36182971165212559
6Shields, BradleyM593409136141409
7Reese, MosheM96654090130355
Team 8: Here We Go
2Barclay, ClaudeM22244390182268639
3Neace, NormM10397700197300676
4Hedges, JasonM23397080181278654
5Baldwin, CoryM0398594220278742
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