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Creole Lanes
1371 W Tunnel Blvd
HoumaLA 70360-2736

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

Team 1: Photos By Laurie
1Naquin, LaurieW528010835135221532
2Matherne, DarleneW40334954150203546
3Matherne, KevinM168415115179257624
4Naquin, ScottM07214679203268680
5Naquin, LyleM000000
6Pitre, BlakeM45121720143168458
7Padilla-Cedeill, JorgeM38243668152195526
8Grissom, DavidM091707201247655
Team 2: Sometimes We Win
1Boudreaux, EdnaW497910928138227491
2Banks, TammyW34629777157209559
3Williams, LaurenceM417310872148194528
4Bonvillian Jr., LawrenceM51314239136177476
5Guin, MarleneW48547558139196489
Team 3: Half Shots
1Allemand, TammyW509012359137192466
2Naquin, NikkiW69819192113151393
3Naquin, WallyM198114286176246619
4Allemand, ScottM259015198168225590
5Sonier, GlennM4791342141189467
6Sonier, VickyW000000
Team 4: We Are Family
1Zeller, HopeW57668479128178435
2Guidry, TammyW50699482137190472
3Guidry, RodneyM528311125134189474
4Pitre III., ThomasM299014682163237565
5Guidry, LeeM000000
6Picou, JulianM23366169171223637
Team 5: 3 Bucks & A Doe
1Bourgeois, KeriW569011773130194460
2Vedros, BrettM448812746144211530
3Carbajal, AbelardoM218414535173226608
4Vedros, SteveM218114075173244579
5Milstead, MargaretW450014300
Team 6: Split Happens
1Kern, MichaelM18427465177230630
2Girior, MichelleW539012041133198475
3Kern, ChrisM397511374151197524
4Giroir, ChadM129016706185233646
5Rios, LuisM52364861135188465
6Green, ConnieW71121338111137381
Team 7: Kathryn Lirette Attorney
1Trahan, DeborahW68728308115152401
2Boudreaux, MelvinM50304124137190507
3Trahan, Andre'M07816801215290750
4Trahan, KirkM06914411208275711
5Rogers, MandyW600012500
6Boudreaux, EvelynW57455793128170431
7Duncan, EdmondM32121912159182512
Team 8: Pin Droppers
1Halverson, PamW609011183124179438
2Miller, DarlaW568711232129173444
3Richard, SaraW71566271111170408
4Broussard III., WayneM68849642114166416
5Pitre, TravisM000000
6Broussard, TonyaW98653477100280
Team 9: Slim Chances
1Robichaux, MaryW588711049127184486
2Robichaux, MacyW62698486122178466
3Bourgeois, KathleenW448412253145267567
4Plaisance, PaulM44334775144183485
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