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Below are the top 50 bowlers in your Bowling Center for the Season/Report selected.

Men's Top 50 High Scratch Games - 2019 Summer
300Brunkhorst, Brock
300Hill, Tim
300Cooper, Larry
300Seale, James
300Scharnow, Tyler
300Bridges, Brent
300Zamora, Art
300Simons, Matt
299Seale, Jim
299Land, Rich
299Hewitt, Travis
298Shell, Brian
298Lopez, Lenny
290Conklin, Tim
290Snyder, Rusty
289Shumaker, John
289Shell, Brian
288Scharnow, Will
287Common, James
286Baldwin, Frank
280Spanton, Welby
280Keys, Mike
279Freitas, Thomas
279Payne, Ryan
279Lopez, Lance
279Gangwer, Wayne
279Granite, Andrew
279Brophy, Frank
279Hinkle, Joey
279Lopez, Lance
279Freitas, Thomas
279Stirewalt, Don
278Mnichowicz, Will
278Miranda, Anthony
278Benson, Mark
278Paulos, Kenny
278Bryan, David
278Friend, Brian
278Benavides, Rick
278Fong, Alvin
278Tabaka, Paul
277Monk, Mike
277Spiesman, Jeff
277Haness, Dave
269Hughes, Pat
269Jenkins, Dave
269Powers, Travis
269Porter, Geoff
269Adams, Alex
269Powers, Travis
268Bays, Rudy
268Bihl, Ishmael
267Kolar, Mike
267Ade, David
267Wood, Jason
267Miller, Justin
266Lal, Ravi
266Montalvo, Kanji
266Meikle, Corey
266Topete, Vic
264Durfee, Josh
264Vasguez, Ray
264Davi, Joey
264Prado, Alvin
263Lorigan, Robert
261Pisi, Sean
259Clark, Chad
259Hudson, Scott
259King, Charles
258Willard, Brett
258Pumphrey, Jim
258Murchison, Paul
258Masters, John
258McGann, Joe
258Nemeth, Jesse
258Torres, Jose
258Malysiak, Chris
258Schelske, Kip
258Bornt, Zeke
257Cantrell, Bruce
257Jamison, David
257Strauss, John
256Russell, Jim
256Schewe, Jay
254Behney, Ken
253Bryan, Bobby
250Foley, Chris
248Williams, Jeffrey
247Voong, Andy
246Henry, Don
246Modder, Andrew
246Colflesh, Noah
246Stokes, Tyler
245Freeman, Mark
245Phan, My
245Strauss, Brian
242Cristofani, Jason
242Parod, Ethan
240Snyder, Merrill
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