Bowling Leagues Colerain Bowl

Below is the list of bowling leagues for the Colerain Bowl Cincinnati Ohio Bowling Center

If your bowling league is not listed, talk with your bowling center management or your bowling league secretary about uploading your bowling league data to us using CDE Software's BLS Program. Once you have the bowling league software, there is no charge to upload your bowling league data to our website!

The AVG column represents the average of the entire league. If you are looking for a more competitive league, choose one with a higher average. If you are looking for just a causual league, choose a lower average league.


Bowling Leagues

LeagueIDLeagueSeasonDay TimeTypeLast UpdatedAVG
103591MOHR'S VERY SOCIAL 18/19Fall Sun02:45 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/09/2019134
109086Dave's World of Bowling ChallengeFall Mon07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/15/2019178
103565NORTHERN HILLS SOCIAL 18/19Fall Mon06:25 PMHdcp Mens01/15/2019188
103582MONDAY NOONERS 18-19Fall Mon12:30 PMHdcp Womens01/15/2019121
103562MONDAY HIGH SCHOOL 17/18Fall Mon06:30 PMHdcp Yth Mix11/22/2017148
109087TUESDAY SPECIAL 18/19Fall Tues07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/17/2019146
103568TUES MEN'S SOCIAL 18-19Fall Tues06:25 PMHdcp Mens01/17/2019184
103503TUES GEMS 18-19Fall Tues10:30 AMHdcp Womens01/15/2019138
103569WED SOCIAL EXPRESS 18-19Fall Wed06:45 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/17/2019190
103570NORTHERN HILLS LADIES 17-18Fall Wed06:45 PMHdcp Womens04/19/2018138
103571TIM DICKHAUS MEMORIAL 18-19Fall Thur06:15 PMHdcp Mens01/18/2019185
103585NORTHSIDE K OF C 18-19Fall Thur07:30 PMHdcp Mens01/18/2019183
103584THURS GOODTIMERS 18-19Fall Thur09:30 AMHdcp Womens01/17/2019132
103586FRIDAY NIGHT LITES 18-19Fall Fri06:45 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/14/2019178
109088WITZ & KEGLERS LEAGUEFall Sat06:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/06/2019127
103589SAT TWILIGHTERS 18-19Fall Sat06:40 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/14/2019153
103590SAT. NIGHT FRIENDS 18/19Fall Sat06:40 PMHdcp Adlt Mix01/06/2019130
103587SAT MAJORS 18-19Fall Sat10:00 AMHdcp Yth Mix11/18/2018164
103588SAT. 10 AM PREP 18-19Fall Sat10:00 AMHdcp Yth Mix01/06/201997
105571GCUSBC Spring Travel League 2018Sprng Sat12:00 PMHdcp Yth Mix05/23/2018155