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League ID: 42222

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Classic Bowling Center
900 King Drive
Daly CItyCA 94015-4450

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Cognac!
1Langell, ColleenW83425031127154420
2Cambridge, RenoM57325020156206558
3Dempsey, MaryW55396170158226559
4Davis, CraigM18397809200264734
Team 2: Team 2
1Seckols, JohnM75334497136170447
2Harmon, TimM43427247172255584
3Harmon, StevenM36427558179221616
4Harmon, JimM22428217195255657
Team 3: Nine-One-One
1Ertassi, AlM81384969130191432
2Ormanski, EdM54426703159226544
3Brodie, HeatherW11319179094141346
4Duport, MikeM40396831175234587
Team 4: Rub My Lamp
1Ordonez, DanteM68334771144187518
2Martin, KellyW67395687145188493
3Martin, DalvinM20397704197276676
4Zimmer, ErikM36366463179266595
Team 5: Team 5
1, VACANTM720014000
2Sherbula, DebbieW89364358121182435
3Gughemetti, MarkM72273765139187538
4Smith, GaryM44396295171197549
Team 6: Team 6
1Friedrich, MikeM50426892164231608
2Bagatelos, PeterM77364829134179474
3Navor, SteveM43427227172210600
4, VACANTM720014000
Team 7: Pinheads
1Massey, SharonW73364975138183516
2Dacus, CharlesM44427199171254669
3Nagata, ShelleyW57223449156190487
4Solis, TinoM41427342174218581
5Tunkett Jr.., JasonM506939164208492
Team 8: United Performan
1Lau, WinnieW79395154132190454
2Beltran, PresitoM2661147191225579
3Galvadores, EdwinM47355872167237584
4Kwong, PeterM24387340193239648
5Ting, JohnM50376008164224594
Team 9: Team 9
1Sylvester, RobinW12130255185131310
2O'Connor, AngieW70243421142191511
3Sylvester, JoeM50396418164211546
4O'Connor, JohnM26397462191259675
Team 10: Team 10
1Varnum, RonM36407183179255626
2Vazquez, MarcoM108333324100168364
3Dasco, John EricsonM38356218177236584
4, VACANTM720014000
5Chong, AlvinM3591634181217561
7, VACANTM720014000
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