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Cityview Lanes
6601 Oakmont Blvd
Fort WorthTX 76133
(817) 346-0444

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Dfw Us
1Kruger, VirginiaW93212676127166442
2Brimberry, AmyW108182023112153387
3Moore, GeneM21214191199256668
4Summers, TylerM2161197199234608
5Brimberry, AndrewM6153212214279696
6Mercado, BenitoM713451149177451
Team 2: The Bowling Stones
1Campbell, BrandonM75213064145195480
2Campbell, KaseyW102212497118171414
3Greener, RochelleW90212744130168437
4Greener, JimM10214417210257699
5Peters, ErikM280019200
Team 3: Minds In The Gutter
1Czulno, MichaelM54213494166204576
2Villegas, DorianM54213504166209570
3Muilenburg, DenisM23214149197246633
4, VACANTM800014000
Team 4: Bi-Polar Rollers
1Miller, GeraldM90151950130162413
2Minor, DebbieW99212546121168404
3Jones, ShannonW38213823182213577
4Ewing, BillyM39152724181225586
Team 5: Chicks And Geezers
1Gatzemeier, DeanM76213025144176466
2Light, SondraW12818166592111313
3Gatzemeier, TeressaW114212233106160351
4Masterson, RobertM33213939187246603
Team 6: The Miss-Fits
1O'Leary, CrystalW72213124148209500
2Reeves, CourtneyW61182870159255548
3Reeves, TylerM48152586172208576
4Burica, MattM19214235201247640
Team 7: Walter's Warts
1Vineyard, NathanM97212591123184437
2Richardson III., CharlieM32183390188237612
3Gordon, MontyM41213777179235571
4Vineyard, DennisM14214329206278675
Team 8: The Muggles
1Van Engen Jr.., RonaldM57213432163231553
2Menken, MarinaW102182141118159389
3Rodriguez, JoshuaM29214027191259671
4Rodriguez, JosephM26183504194258675
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