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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Oops
1Towne, ShirleyW90435164120167396
2Mathews, RonM54548476156197551
3McPeters, JimM64344976146178472
4Forbes, RobertM49548727161210542
Team 2: The Friendly 4
1Barre, GeriW102363923108173483
2Reeves, LarryM11439377796133334
3DeVeau, JuneW82455797128174433
4Bacon, JoanW91414891119157405
Team 3: Challengers
1Carnley, LarryM27519359183254657
2Beck, YoshieW83455754127177430
3Gonzales, TeodoroM43366030167215569
4Landingin, RollieM26519430184267619
5Simmons, ReginaldM43366024167228604
Team 4: No Name
1Johnston, RichardM24488931186252641
2Delmar, MaryW59365460151190507
3Anderson, PhilipM54243754156200511
4Daniel, RichardM17428128193255679
Team 5: Incredibowls
1Allsworth, LingW39549272171226573
2Calantog, TonyM52548580158192542
3Escalona, VictorM4291513168213564
4Clark, GeorgeM36457857174220599
5Grossman, FujiyoW57365511153209521
Team 6: Scared Splitless
1Whitney, MariaW60487222150235559
2Whitney, DavidM69486774141205481
3Evans, CarlaW46426919164245597
4Gourley, DianeW67426012143203489
Team 7: Good Timers
1Judd, RaymondM27519357183225617
2Merry, JimM63456637147190496
3Krakora, RonaldM61507494149195512
4Laws, CarlM15519975195266659
5Evans, MarkM8244864202277679
Team 8: It Happens
1Vega, GloriaW64456595146201506
2Fernandez, Julita (Julie)W74506821136194480
3Pasour, MikiW68486826142221490
4Stewart, CalvinM85455630125171461
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