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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Oops
1Forbes, ShirleyW97151695113159404
2Towne, ShirleyW95273123115153391
3Matthews, KimW62304451148197512
4Forbes, RobertM60274072150185507
Team 2: The Friendly 4
1Berger, TheresaW87303697123168445
2Reeves, LarryM11327263497134319
3DeVeau, JuneW85212635125174436
4Bacon, JoanW93303516117169415
Team 4: Storm
1Thomas, BobM80273522130202537
2Pasour, MikiW75304061135204504
3McPeters, JimM76283759134169448
4Stewart, CalvinM96303439114162376
Team 5: Incredibowls
1Allsworth, LingW39294961171224588
2Clark, GeorgeM37305209173246637
4Ponce, RudyM47213425163203519
5Grossman, FujiyoW58243669152185498
Team 6: Oh Happy Days
1Anderson, PhilipM45182973165221572
2Evans, MarkM11183590199242674
3Mathews, RonM60304515150214526
4Crawford, RuthW68273839142174476
6Schuh, MartinM203572190205572
Team 7: Good Timers
1Edison, PaulineW59213171151202496
2Krakora, RonaldM61243593149211524
3Simmons, ReginaldM49304847161203520
4Laws, CarlM31274855179224620
Team 8: It Happens
1Vega, GloriaW66152173144180468
2Fernandez, Julita (Julie)W79273555131161441
3Knight, SadieW107303096103136335
4Brown, SharleneW78273590132172470
Team 9: Ten Pins
1Judd, RaymondM35305258175232596
2Gonzales, TeodoroM37122077173207596
3Daniel, RichardM21275108189233645
4Landingin, RollieM35305260175225608
5Jones, PeterM343528176213528
Team 10: Split Happens
1Delmar, MaryW57304598153189503
2Beck, YoshieW84303793126179484
3Merry, JimM58304584152201525
4Veit, RobertM12244754198269698
Team 11: Scared Splitless
1Whitney, MariaW60274054150188486
2Whitney, DavidM66273893144184472
3Jarman, JohnM23152818187243641
4Evans, CarlaW39274620171258594
5Gourley, DianeW59243632151221526
Team 12: Triple X
1Williams, BobbieW63273983147199492
2Miller, William (Bill)M60304527150194481
3Massingill, Lupe (Gigi)W59243631151206515
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