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Updated 08/22/2019

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Carmel Bowl
Old Route 6
CarmelNY 10512

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: What's A Strike
1Collins, MattM46274020148189518
2Danalis, LoriW70273300122176452
3Danalis, TylerM69212590123179402
4Marino, Marie-FanceW59233104134195487
Team 2: Just Us
1Arm, LindaW61273575132178464
2Mahoney, JanetW67243015125165420
3Mahoney, MikeM31243963165219587
4Arm, BillM29274511167212567
Team 3: Bullseye
1Rodriguez, MelindaW77273090114147386
2Diaz, LynetteW44274085151183507
3Rodriguez, MatthewM8275174191279693
4Colon, ElmoM41274164154196530
Team 4: Rolling Sausages
1Mongillo, KentM72242892120168435
2Duffy, SeanM50182604144185487
3Marino, PascalM28193194168207534
4Yodell, BillyM633392130135392
Team 5: Lickity Split
1, VACANTW720012000
2Bruno, EdieW72151799119144414
3Bruno, LexM31213470165214564
4Wilk, MariusM41243710154197545
Team 6: Idaho Knockers
1Morais, BettyW63182324129179420
2Morais, JoeM66212655126194433
3Murry, DanaW71242913121147401
4Murry, LennyM20244250177287659
Team 7: Golden Girls
1Lugo, VidaW69182217123176421
2Orr, BarbaraW75182102116147386
3Twaddell, SusanW50213030144175492
4, VACANTW721120120120120
Team 8: Shopping For Strikes
1Hernandez, CathyW9524226894133322
2Mocibob, CathyW79242704112152414
3Hernandez, MartyM76242775115159400
4Mocibob, JohnM65243065127176439
Team 9: Handi Crappers
1Nobile, TomM76182073115177430
2Nobile, LisaW10218155286120282
3Elhberg, LauraW9624225293145353
4Elhberg, MattM84242557106158370
Team 10: We Got Big Balls
1Fredericks, ShaM9518170994132340
2Della Valle, RitaW9821191191124322
3Della Valle, MarioM63212724129164427
4Fredericks, ClayM63182349130194496
Team 11: Beers Over Bowling
1Bell, JulieW50152166144194488
2Bennett, TanyaW713363121155363
3Bennett, JimM673377125144377
4Bell, ChrisM20152666177224613
5Svendsen, PaulM56121653137170457
6Svendsen, KellyW89121219101127330
Team 12: Phantom Team
1, VACANTW720012000
1, VACANTW720012000
2, VACANTM720012000
3, VACANTM720012000
4, VACANTW720012000
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