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League ID: 105664

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Buckeye Lanes - North Olmstead
24488 Lorain Road
North OlmsteadOH 44070

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Why Nots
1Butcher, NickM65395752147185510
2McNeeley, DarleneW10818179199130339
3McNeeley, BobM23367014194235662
4Tomsu, CaryM18397788199267701
Team 2: Once In A While
1McNeeley, DonM85303771125176452
2Dobro, PattiW96364073113166387
3, VacantM900012000
4Alexander, KeithM68365215144213527
Team 3: P.M. Delight
1Alinn, RichM91394634118160399
2Rhyand, DorothyW99394319110164377
3Utrata, LynneW88293562122152418
4, VacantM900012000
Team 4: The Friends
1Krowiak, PatW78395213133170474
2Cullom, MaryanneW90394642119149395
3Sizemore, JoannW72395486140188497
4Cullom, DickM65395743147216504
Team 5: Damn 10 Pins
1Kowalewski, GayleW61365483152195518
2Marullo, GinnyW62324839151189499
3Kowalewski, GeneM63395881150220533
4Kaserman, HermanM51365899163228539
Team 6: Pin Bawl's
1Bova, PhilM4491540171209528
2Putt, ArtM48335505166226616
3Ives, WarrenM35335997181236616
4Halvacs, LesM55396172158198579
5DeCicco, BillM33305515183227604
Team 7: Z-Force
1Muraski, CarolW54365745159218574
2Muraski, JoeM33397175183254674
3Ziska, JohnM50274454164197529
4Dunn, BillM80395129131197496
Team 8: Pinbusters
1Dongres, KenM57385960156205539
2Dongres, LuW56385966157247569
3DiPietro, JohnM34244390182243694
4Holschuh, BobM40396836175224597
5Wotawa, AndyM85151881125178434
Team 9: Lucky Girls
1Matteson, SherrieW80395138131201456
2Grundy, DevonaW11133317796121331
3Laura, BettyW81303898129161449
4Novotny, GloriaW81395105130188446
Team 10: Bear Balls
1Ortiz, JoseM54396232159199555
2Nelson, RickyM46396566168212549
3Shinn, BobM53396315161209571
4Plecha, DaveM30397266186239627
Team 11: The Strikers
1Garran, MonicaW84334165126178456
2, VacantM900012000
3Aurslanian, HarryM63274048149179510
4Arpajian, HaigM29397309187227646
5Maler, DonnaW49304970165191527
Team 12: Rose & Thorns
1Madsen, BobM93394530116166419
2Schubert, CindyW77334437134171455
3Hadders, HerbM42396775173230577
4, VacantM900012000
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