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Bowling Leagues Brunswick Zone Turnersville

Below is the list of bowling leagues for the Brunswick Zone Turnersville Turnersville New Jersey Bowling Center

If your bowling league is not listed, talk with your bowling center management or your bowling league secretary about uploading your bowling league data to us using CDE Software's BLS Program. Once you have the bowling league software, there is no charge to upload your bowling league data to our website!

The AVG column represents the average of the entire league. If you are looking for a more competitive league, choose one with a higher average. If you are looking for just a causual league, choose a lower average league.


Bowling Leagues

LeagueIDLeagueSeasonDay TimeTypeLast UpdatedAVG
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109404Rise -N- ShineFall Sun09:30 AMHdcp Adlt Mix04/29/2019203
75442SundaesFall Sun07:40 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/06/2019168
75441American Legion LeagueFall Sun07:10 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/13/2019161
100568American LegionSum Sun07:10 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/10/2019163
98990Rolling ThunderFall Mon07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/15/2019139
106003Monday MixedSum Mon07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/29/2019175
75468Get Your GearSum Mon07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/17/2019164
75443KeglersFall Mon06:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/15/2019175
109429Monday Night MenFall Mon07:00 PMHdcp Mens05/15/2019196
98184Tues MixedFall Tues06:05 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/09/2019141
100760Tues Nine Pin No-TapSum Tues07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/10/2019175
75447TwilightersFall Tues07:10 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/09/2019154
75450S.O.T.M.Sprng Tues08:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/24/2018163
97759Tues American LegionSum Tues10:00 AMHdcp Adlt Mix07/25/2018160
102799Tuesday DoublesFall Tues09:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix06/04/2018213
109420Holiday City MenFall Tues09:30 AMHdcp Mens05/23/2019157
75444Breakfast ClubFall Tues09:30 AMHdcp Womens05/15/2019132
75453Wild Mixed Up WednesdayFall Wed06:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix05/16/2019166
102114Lousy BowlersSprng Wed06:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix04/30/2018124
99847Gr8er Times Bowling ClubSum Wed06:40 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/30/2018133
75469Grand DoublesSum Wed07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/11/2019208
75455Golden OldiesSum Thur10:30 AMHdcp Adlt Mix07/15/2019152
75470PBA ExperienceSum Thur07:10 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/30/2018156
75471Get Your GearSum Thur07:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix07/30/2018156
75448Fantasy FootballFall Thur07:10 PMHdcp Adlt Mix12/27/2018148