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League ID: 95092

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Brunswick National Lanes
3067 Washington Rd
AugustaGA 30907-3828

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 1 Whatever
1RAMSBOTHAM, CHARLOTTEW94182276126144399
2PRUITT, JERRYM66365575154202559
3MC CASLIN, EDM60304807160202533
4BEASLEY, CECILM62335222158191528
Team 2: Team 2 Alley Cats
1, VACANTW1200010000
2TABOR, VIOLAW98364393122183445
3OAKS, HILDEW103364232117160410
4CHOUINARD, DICKM64304688156200539
Team 3: Team 3 Bad Boys
1SLAGLE, JEFFERSONM91334264129169456
2LEWIS, JAMESM46274715174218582
3MC MANUS, DAVIDM56365921164224590
4LEWIS, BOBM51366096169229565
5, VACANTW1200010000
Team 4: Team 4 Tootsie Rollers
1SWEENEY, MARIEW108333701112144394
2TABOR, BRENDAW84334497136188477
3MCDONALD, BARBARAW60365780160224518
4REID, GORDONM53335515167216561
5, VACANTM1200010000
Team 5: Team 5 Clean Sweeps
1MOORE, MARILYNW108364042112189411
3RATCLIFF, ROBERTM91364658129172446
4SHERRIYL, DAVIDM13330263187115315
5, VacantM1200010000
Team 6: Team 6 What Ever Works
1PENNER, NELLW12627254194129323
2DAVIDSON, GAYLEW98334040122156435
3BUSCHOW, KENNETHM73334879147211522
4KEEFER, DOYLEM66355391154222574
Team 7: Team 7 Four Stars
1PATE, NORMAW72263854148185470
2TISON, BARBARAW117252599103145353
3TISON, JAMESM58335357162234551
4, VACANTM1200010000
5, VacantW1200010000
Team 8: Team 8 Just Us 4
1FANNING, CAROLW90364691130168445
3TAYLOR SR., JOHNM67365514153207499
4, VACANTW1200010000
4FANNING, GEORGEM53366037167224586
5, VacantW1200010000
Team 9: Team 9 Just Us
1WRIGHT, NEVADAW97303696123169445
2JENNINS, TERESAW108364034112161411
3HASKINS, PATRICIAW12725234193126335
4TABOR, RONALDM106364106114158384
Team 10: Team 10 Lets Roll
1FERRANTE, MONAW68335046152191504
2STANLEY, KATHYW69304554151193497
3BISHOP, DIANNEW95303752125157423
4, VACANTW1200010000
4JAMES, RONNIEM80365072140180488
Team 11: Team 11 Lovely Ladies
1FREEMAN, KITTIEW81334591139186466
2DURKIN, CHERYLW102333921118160388
3HALL, ZELMAW99273267121155433
4VALENTINE, WANDAW13330262087139323
5, VacantM1200010000
Team 12: Team 12 Bye
1, VACANTM1200010000
2, VACANTW1200010000
3, VACANTM1200010000
4, VACANTW1200010000
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