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Brown Deer Lanes
4715 W. Bradley Rd.
Brown DeerWI 53223

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

Team 1: Sussex Bowl
1Starz, JerryM68243708154198529
2Zimmer, AllenM42549887183235625
3Jackson, TroyM45549742180255615
4Parsa, BrianM226012347205288713
5Tarasewicz Jr., DaveM12337133216269745
6Warner, LukeM45458102180234591
8Kivi, KevinM93690220278690
Team 2: Sounds Like Fun
1Wischnewski, BenM365710792189246641
2Benes, ChrisM185411353210276725
3Dong, MichaelM8091274141181448
4Stuck, DanM135110971215279724
5Horman, NicholasM17367599211288719
6Flintrop, MarkM245711587203255705
7Whitaker, PatrickM83273703137186482
7Whitaker, PatrickM83273703137186482
Team 3: Echo Bowl
1Pehowski, ScottM62182903161218527
2McLees, RandyM49183165175243610
3Natoli, JoeM9275919219278775
4Szajna, TomM124810392216279729
5Bennett, CraigM206012434207278695
6Hildebrand, DonM36519664189267663
7Michalowski, KevinM28458920198249716
8Van Ert, MikeM34122309192241631
9Szpara, RogerM130021500
Team 4: Rob & The Chains
1Heyen, ToddM39244484186245666
2Piekarski, RayM36509475189248685
3Meifert, AdamM325410519194267652
4Holzberger, KimM395410052186257669
5Wischer, JasonM165110816212279738
6Wagner, RobertM39488960186268682
7Seegert, JohnM44152722181214569
Team 5: Don't Be Late
1Wilson, PatrickM55579589168220586
2Thompson, DaneM54518676170230612
3Miller, ErikM55305050168224597
4Emmerich, FredM56427044167213565
5DeRoche, JohnM27489612200279714
6Backes, GaryM335711009193268695
7Stuhlmacher, TerryM180020900
Team 6: Family Affair
1Coleman, KimW107455009111162400
2Granderson, JovanM72608950149223548
2Granderson, JovanM72608948149223548
3Coleman, GusM80547645141184488
3Hayden, KyleM80547645141184488
4King, FredM516010419173227594
4King, FredM516010419173227594
5King, CedricM366011455190253654
6Hodges, RolandM74121764147212483
Team 7: Young Guns
1Kocinski, JohnM67609316155212578
2Myers, GregM73608920148205566
3Myers, CurtisM56579522167215583
4Young, AndrewM546010225170220561
5Myers, MasonM305711225196257680
Team 8: Wednesday Night Dads
1Siler, MarkM84577791136187497
2Bendicks, KevinM63152409160223547
3Kroening, ChrisM58365950165247613
3Kroening, ChrisM58365950165247613
4Strande, EricM405710568185258654
5Price, NicM35519744191246655
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