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CenterID: 2599
Broadway Lanes - Fort Edward
359 Broadway
Fort EdwardNY 12828

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LeagueID: 83627
Just For Fun Seniors 19-20
Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/06/2019
Start Time: 9:15 AM
Last Updated: 4/8/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Palmer's Bombers
1North, EmeM448114309176259654
2Hall, JimM637812316157204558
3Osborne, HaroldM526711288168218575
4, VACANCYW1000012000
Team 2: Hit Miss
1Comar, JudyW102698162118183416
2Norton, BarbW110818912110162435
3Gould, DarleneW91769831129179440
4Manell, LeahW717811670149200503
Team 3: Bonnie's Brats
1Tisi, DennisM638112797157214547
2Granger, BonnieW79608485141190508
3Barron, JaneW106718132114174423
4Howk, RonM528113687168231563
Team 4: Team 4
1Bennett, JimM73608835147201532
2Gorman, JimM99688279121174437
3Guiles, CliffM478013841173221625
4Becker, RayM386511887182247694
Team 5: Stingers
1Morris, LorettaW798111435141201482
2Fitzgerald, SylviaW88668728132176458
3Tisi, AlayneW568113288164213584
4Coffey, JodyW838111174137188479
Team 6: Hurting Crew
1Scacchetti, MickeyM497212365171247616
2Scacchetti, LindaW887810359132190469
3Scacchetti, AlM567512349164221549
4Scacchetti, ConnieW436912241177233630
Team 7: Unpredictables
1Bourdeau, Mary EllenW73639305147190501
2Bauer, MichaelM648112704156214559
3Hedger, CarlM676910610153220523
4Bourdeau, MikeM487212425172244622
Team 8: Oo7
1Granger, ChipM39417455181232601
2Morey, RobertaW126328294106282
3Barden, DennisM536010076167221567
4VanAvery, GrantM686910521152199560
5Morey, GaryM418114554179255738
Team 9: Misfits
1Madonna, TresaW908110607130184465
2Giacobone, AnneW927910134128171470
3Hodgkins, MichelleW111626758109157375
4Martin, SandyW75649303145190493
5, VACANTM1000012000