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CenterID: 2599
Broadway Lanes - Fort Edward
359 Broadway
Fort EdwardNY 12828

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LeagueID: 83625
Broadway 50 plus seniors 20-21
Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 09/08/2020
Start Time: 9:15 AM
Last Updated: 3/2/2021
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Three Kings & A Queen
1Albrecht, CindyW81699648139182458
2Hall, JimM62579062158212519
3Salerno, PatM647211284156221553
4North, EmyM516911728169233610
Team 2: Team #2
1Collier, DonnaW79578058141194485
2Esperti, LouisaW92212696128185452
3BRIGGS, JIMM81638785139195505
4VanAvery, GrantM86425659134214487
5, VacancyM1000012000
Team 3: Sylvia's Crew
1Scacchetti, MickeyM456010523175216592
2Gorman, JimM105515896115170459
3Hubel, WaltM596310183161218543
4, VacantM1000012000
Team 4: Old Friends
1Morris, LorettaW797210193141206538
2Weils, HopeW556310411165231603
3Tisi, AlayneW656910746155223567
4Scacchetti, ConnieW476611459173214578
Team 5: Hustlers
1Manell, JayM155711737205290755
2Manell, LeahW74365275146182510
3Osborne, HaroldM59487766161221556
4Spoor, KarenM82608331138190469
Team 6: Sixty Plus
1Morey, GaryM436711883177242636
2Brill, MacM716710038149215540
3Tisi, DennisM536611028167247616
4Granger, ChipM42519094178251614
5Granger, BonnieM73182648147198515
Team 7: Recycled Teens
1Bourdeau, MaryEllenW77578195143193471
2Norton, BarbW110727989110153379
3Bourdeau, MIkeM53589734167224621
4, VACANTM1000012000
5Morey, RobertaW1150010500
Team 8: Alley Cats
1Mann, GladysW667211094154197512
2Kader, GailW767210392144190506
3Mann, FredM566911372164234563
4Hedger, CarlM707210804150202533
Team 9: Andrea
1Howk, RonM577211751163221566
2Mallaney, GwenW104657588116159418
3Mosher, DianeW101728619119177422
4Haskell, LarryM227214282198278746
Team 10: Lake Girls +
1Gries, BarbW105697991115167424
2Storms, LeeW76669524144190496
3Guiles, CliffM366912707184240641
4, VacantW1000012000
5, VACANTW1000012000