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League ID: 65210

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Brentwood Bowl
9176 Winton Road
CincinnatiOH 45231

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: The One's To Watch
1Valines Jr., RobertM5122443203243635
2McKee, CurtisM3561042166192559
3Valines Sr.., RobertM33122026168206548
4Henderson Sr., TommyM1391742193237612
5Henderson Jr., TommyM453459153202459
Team 2: Hustlers
1Johnson, JefferyM3291534170199552
2Morris, EugeneM456796153156430
3Colbert Sr.., AndrewM37121962163214519
4Hershey, GregoryM11122355196247620
5Thomas, JamesM2991562173218557
Team 3: Still Fully Loaded
1Hayes Jr., RichardM0122695224276746
2Williams, Ja JuanM3122482206257669
3Moore, FredM0122548212277689
4Ziegler, WilliamM0122522210276744
Team 4: All Stars
1Johnson, TreyvonM8122393199279655
2Ziegler, ShannonM21122199183224598
3Chapman, MorrisM203588185233588
4Brooks Jr., WilliamM0122620218257695
5Adams, RickM3191546171204542
Team 5: Byrd's Gang
1Thomas, ScottyM1491735192223620
2Ficklin, JamesM43121877156184496
3Sellers, AlbertM32122030169216581
4Dillingham Jr., ThomasM2091660184204582
5Williams, WendellM4061028160199541
Team 6: Unusual Suspects
1Yisrael, MustafaaM791817201244628
2Ward, TonyM12122341195227646
3Higginbotham, WalterM1691703189216599
4Ashe, MichaelM3122483206256703
5Christie, GaryM161161208248643
Team 7: Dawg's Five
1Dukes Jr., DarnellM0122520210299673
2Chafins, KeithM1791697188224577
3Harrison, WilliamM2191654183244620
4Cochran, AnthonyM0122661221279745
5Twitty, LawrenceM00021300
Team 8: Spare Parts Reloaded
1Abernathy, WilliamM4091435159199539
2Richardson, MauriceM12122341195253708
3Garvin, WillieM2161159183237660
4Johnson Sr., TerrenceM0122600216258720
5Edwards, TonyM491842204279701
Team 9: Unknown Forces
1Riley, LeeM28111919174216579
2Jones, JeffreyM306974172183504
3Craig, GaryM54121712142229500
4Harris Sr.., HowardM28122092174201539
5Harris, CarlM60020200
Team 10: Party Masters
1Lake, ChatogiaM1891687187249602
2Evans, AlfredM53121721143186488
3Lyons, DanteM1661177189225594
4Johnson, VontraeM0122555212264672
5Denson Sr., JimmyM3261064169206540
Team 11: Buffalo Soldiers
1Dyer, OscarM2491612179222613
2Henderson, TerryM29122081173199566
3Gibson, WillieM47121818151172467
4Triggs, RodneyM061282214299748
5Adams, PrestonM396813161147415
Team 12: Legend Killers
1Chappell, KaryM2881435175206547
2Brown, MichaelM68121509125149407
3Thomas Jr., HenryM1961028186198549
4Robinson, HoraceM691826202234661
Team 13: G-Unit
1Grove Jr., JerryM0122533211259710
2Grove, JayM26122124177212543
3Grove Sr.., JerryM3461006167192543
4Grove Sr., RickM091899211234659
Team 14: Specialists
1Edwards, JeromeM3061053172206582
2Ayres, ClarenceM2791592176215555
3Blunt, JamesM4122462205267660
4Chappell, CharlesM0122623218268720
5Riggs, GregM1091779197257671
Team 15: Face Hitters
1Smith, CurtisM16122272189267614
2Cook, RicardoM4091444160198512
3Brock, BrandonM23122176181226598
4Pasley, SamuelM15122296191243602
Team 16: X-Men
1Mason, JamesM3181302171217503
2Hill, JohnathanM4191427158221518
3Monroe, BrandonM691821202229657
4Burns, JermaineM8122411200228646
5Allen Jr.., DerrickM210018300
Team 17: Cincy Kingpins
1Wilson, JeromeM2461034180201520
2Truitt, JimmyM40121915159234560
3McDonald Jr., DeronM10122364197268658
4Harris, ArronM3091553172195532
5Cross, DanielM3261015169190536
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