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Updated 08/22/2019

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Bowland Beacon
5400 Tamiami Trail
NaplesFL 34108

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 3
1Thomasson, KyleM0273154116156423
2Seidler, BradM0273136116179454
3Thomasson, WilliamM0273639134224479
4Holcomb, JasonM0273301122203492
Team 2: Team 4
1Mikalauskas, WilliamM0213775179267667
2Zivich, RobertM0274220156205598
3Mikalauskas, JackM0275083188261658
4Galyas, JohnM06881159194529
5Mohler, AnthonyM0121902158198520
Team 3: Team 5
1Mellert Jr., RickM0273763139205561
2Mellert, RickM0275114189244705
3Austin, JacobM0244113171229562
4White, SamanthaW0212899138195476
Team 4: Team 6
1Payne, JessicaW0273814141208482
2D'Agostino, LouieM0213555169210537
3Piett, WhitneyW0233694160205541
4Stanfield, RossM0213469165201548
Team 5: Team 7
1Ruggiero, DianeW0212467117147389
2Copeland, BrianM0213674174268672
3Spivey, EricM0274251157208533
4Toartley, InesM0151681112158379
Team 6: Team 8
1Gallagher, LisaW0242936122199498
2Belcher, SharonW0243053127188499
3Deason, MattM0212813133163429
Team 7: Team 9
1Roche, MargaretW0243313138184465
2Meland, WayneM0213949188279700
3Clark, KeithM0213416162225591
4Meland, BeckyW021208699130328
Team 8: Team 1
2Rathjen, AshleeW0212997142172455
3Patz, JenniferW0213279156199499
4Johnson, AaronM0244079169229679
5Rathjen, AleahW0213454164213584
Team 9: Team 2
1Bonnell, JenniferW0152095139208486
2Bonnell, BillM0274366161287673
3Jones, JeffreyM0152309153184496
4Ostarello, JosephM0244084170231604
5Bonnell, SteveM0152280152190518
6Galyus, JohnM091600177255582
Team 10: Team 13
1Hayes, WillM0243576149231563
2Hiemstra, RebeccaW0243105129202469
3McAuley, DrewM0243509146181486
4McAuley, JessicaW0182539141175442
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