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Bowl America - Shirley
6450 Edsall Road
AlexandriaVA 22312

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Big Boat Little Anchor
1Mahon, TimM7491149127199447
2Williams, WandaW5191384153189498
3New, JamesM2191679186215607
4Torry, LeeM4591433159190504
Team 2: Don't Sleep On Us
1Coneys, RobertM1961304188254728
2Jordan, TammyW383542167224542
3Joyner, JasonM456985159195564
4Tyler, BrianM00022100
5Blue, BrandonM461329205257667
Team 3: Click, Click, Boom
1Jordan, SharronW283512178191512
2Snowden, ByronM3661081169197568
3Payton, JoeyM383437167167437
4Jordan, TimothyM333505173193505
Team 4: 2 Dread Or Not To Dread
1Miller, SeanM991806200267698
2Lackey, RebeccaW6091295143177456
3Vestal, ClarrissaW5391365151199496
4Duncan, EarlM1661254192245628
Team 5: Team Pink
1Connor, AuvelioM173575191237575
2Harge, AngelaW386965167180512
3Bowman, JerardM1091786198252655
4Dye, BrianM2891606178208599
Team 6: We Ain't Bullshittin
1Wallace, VaughnM061169211225594
2Williams, AntionetteW596883144155443
3Wallace, DavidM2161151186219606
4Williams, JamesM1661109192201567
5Williams, JackieW310017500
6Jackson Jr.., DavidM90020000
Team 7: Storm Zone
1Smith, RonaldM1191779197245654
2Scott, SonjaW891817201247625
3Gaskill, JamesM961095199225571
4Baker, DarrenM091970218278717
5Bell, DannyM00021100
Team 8: No Hard Feelings
1Coleman, MakebaW4191482164213529
2Norman, MatriceW3791519168198536
3Williams, JohnM1761195191236608
4Scott, LinwoodM991792199211617
Team 9: Fub
1Robertson, DeniseW4991395155185507
2Dickerson, TrishW4891407156218519
3Washington, RickM616848142188479
4Grant, JohnM4161030164213518
Team 10: Phil's Ladies
1New, SusieW3661057170205549
2Langhorn, PhilM486927156177468
3Selvage, CandyW4061062165202567
4Selvage, RobinW4191477164229537
5Mintzer, EricM313526175212526
Team 11: All Or Nothing
1Gunn, KelvinM291864207235677
2Payton, LaShanW4491457161192530
3Spriggs, AngelaW1891713190224635
4Anderson, ReggieM091948216242686
Team 12: Shady Bunch
1Hooks, SedrickM3361069173211596
2Carpenter, BrandiW636777139143394
3Spencer, CharlesM1961077188233632
4Bridges, SamM473473157166473
Team 13: Game On Biatches
1Dorsey, TerrellM2791620180213563
2Waldon, TerryW423454163170454
3Moment, Sean-KristopherM1361125195224579
4Kidwell, DavidM092005222238698
5LeGrant, ChristinaW2191678186234614
Team 14: Filipino Mafia
1Bandong, DonnaW653420137145420
2Alapide, AlM1361185195237611
3Salvio, CarlosM23613207223613
4Bandong, ReneM361199206230609
Team 15: Damn Right!!!
1Williamson, DamonM961248200235638
2Coleman, AllisonW3661021170191514
3Butler, NecolausM1861007190191515
4Willis, ThomasM061317212236680
5Jordan, VanessaW633436140173436
Team 16: Google Us
1Dozier, MarciaW4491454161177490
2Pearson, GretaW2991593177216550
3Reed, MikeM1761072191221580
4Pearson, MelvinM061335220300765
Team 17: Let's Roll
1Jackson, StanleyM2791612179208582
2Belson, SandiW5691328147179493
3Roberts, GertrudeW5191384153185471
Team 18: Shit Happens
1Underwood, KellyeW2061259187248630
2Johnson, KeithM061192218223619
3Brooks, TyrellM061338229269673
4Draper, DeonteM373505168179505
Team 19: Team 19
1Barnard, JackieW756716126131365
1, VACANT 000000
2, VACANT 000000
2Montgomery, BillM653452137174452
3Butler, BenM466966158185491
3, VACANT 000000
4, VACANT 000000
Team 20: 10 Pins To Success
1Foster, ZinaW533445151153445
1, VACANT 000000
2, VACANT 000000
2Ivey, KennyM596839144160433
3Hunter, AnthonyM223543185236543
3, VACANT 000000
4, VACANT 000000
4Davis, JerryM93559200199559
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