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Berks Lanes
3190 Shillington Rd
ReadingPA 19608-1699

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: The Posse
1PHILLIPS, GERALDM0428945212278739
2PERRY, FRANKM06912904187254654
3HARTING, CHADM08116445203267704
4PERRY, DAVEM09317817191255706
5DANNER, IRVM09018376204267681
6DANNER, KYLEM0366520181251610
Team 2: Victors Cafe
1WOLF, DEANM07216202225280790
2BEHM, MARKM09618843196265713
3BORTZ, ALEXM09622322232289769
4KEMP, BRADM09623208241300843
5KLEINSPEHN, JUSTINM08721266244300840
Team 3: The Pc Man
1BORTZ, BRETTM08718177208269695
2STROCK, JOHN JRM09320088216279751
3BUCK, WILLIAMM08118191224299762
4CARLSON, STEVENM09019363215289755
5BORTZ, MATTM09621707226289792
Team 4: Jake's Place
1PAINTER, JOHNM09019762219276741
2QUILLMAN, CHRISM06914536210280744
3ZELLERS, ZACHM09018860209269755
4DEEDS III., ROBM06314014222300753
5LEMAY JR., ORLANDM07215414214266731
Team 5: Pure It Pro Shop
1OVERDIER, JEREMYM09320392219299742
2ULRICH, KENNETHM091770196279678
3SAMUELS, WILLIAMM0429045215287716
4TSHUDY, CHARLESM09319502209299752
5BLOUCH, JASONM09321641232300815
6ZOMBRO JR., DARRENM08119315238300837
Team 6: Todds Appliance
1HESS, TIMM09319790212268750
2HESS, RICKM08717756204275729
3ARMSTRONG, JOHNM09319309207276744
4FRICKER SR., LARRYM09019330214276744
5WYANDT, RYANM08419634233300782
Team 7: All American Spo
1BIXLER, BRADM08018991237299780
2FRYMOYER A., JEFFM09318728201278724
3BLANKENBILLER, BRIANM07516828224289795
4DRAGAN, ERICM09620493213277761
5WENTZEL, TODDM09020192224279770
Team 8: Leinbach Motorsp
1HOFFMAN, LESLIEM09321613232289763
2GARL, TYM08718213209267705
3CAVALIERI, SAMM08317650212300767
4MILLER III., JOHNM06614928226300793
5HARDY, JOSEPHM091975219248680
6LEINBACH, ROSSM06614133214279747
Team 9: Edwards Business
1WAGNER JR., CHARLESM08117701218300787
2FLETCHER, CHRISM06612464188244659
3REIS, DAVEM08719643225279760
4SOWERS, DARYLM09320860224289770
5TETTERTON, SHANEM06013707228300793
Team 10: Port Clinton Hot
1STEWART, TIMM09620778216279769
2ZELLERS, RONM09018553206278727
3STEFAN, BRETTM08718155208279706
4CODY, BRIANM09321545231300845
5GERNER, BRIANM09321820234300836
Team 11: Mays Bowling & B
1MENGEL, RICKM08719577225298741
2DAVIS, ERICM06613857209277749
3HORRIGAN, CHADM08720044230287801
4WILLIAMS, MARKM0122551212280689
5ELZER, BOBM08118384226279776
6MAY, RYANM09020779230300795
Team 12: Merchant One
1THORNHILL, STEVEM09320857224289753
2LATHAM, DOUGM05410845200289705
3FITTERLING, DAMIANM09020382226300811
4BOYER, JOELM08719509224299805
5BORZELLINO, SAMM09321808234300827
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