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3190 Shillington Rd
ReadingPA 19608-1699

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: B & G Electric
1KLEFFEL, ROYM0549573177238649
2KOHL JR., BARRYM08115856195278729
3HESS, JEFFM09319758212279744
4WILLIG, CHARLESM08115654193299665
5HIESTER, ALANM08417298205256731
6HIESTER, MICHAELM08417933213289744
Team 2: American Dental
1GRAFF, RICHM08716609190267636
2MERKEL, JEFFM04810034209279703
3JOHNSTON, BRUCEM0489015187243646
4WALTER, GEORGEM09617106178242608
5WALTER, RICHM09319034204268690
6MOODY, JEFFM09018277203300719
Team 3: Hasslers Notary
1FABIAN, EDM09317439187262673
2HASSLER, RICHM09318428198289705
3SHEPLER, TOMM07814641187265660
4SHEPLER, JIMM06012522208279740
5SHEPLER, SHAWNM09019784219300759
Team 4: Misfits
1MCILVEE, CHRISM07515768210288723
2HESS, RUSSELLM0243759156213508
3BROWN, WILLM09013660151222551
4MILLER, ROGERM06912326178226628
5BROWN, MARKM09320930225299796
6WATSON, BRUCEM09318704201278698
Team 5: Wagners Heating
1WAGNER, TROYM09318593199259716
2BALLON, JOSHM0486637138196481
3REIS, ZACHARYM09317868192290680
4WITMAN JR., JAMESM09018114201275738
5PORR JR., WAYNEM09021029233300813
6PRAGER, AARONM03411137161411
Team 6: Clean Image
1ROTHENBERGER, GARYM09317345186255644
2PIETRZYKOWS, RICHM09616906176246625
3HECK, DONM07713825179235605
4WERNER, KYLEM061167194236635
5HESSLER, DALEM09318369197249676
6HERTZOG, BOBM091711190234608
7WHITELEY, CARYM08417347206268713
Team 7: Penn Werner Hote
1RUPPERT, DAVEM09318792202276705
2WEBER, ELVINM09315044161237619
3KREITZ, DARYLM09317061183246675
4YOCUM, DANM08418793223269738
5YOCUM, MARKM09319016204278720
Team 8: Clover Park Aa
1HAMMER JR., JAMESM08712705146200516
2THOMPSON, STEVEM0668718132187485
3CRANDALL, STEVEM09315871170230579
4PEZZINO, JOEM0668590130188448
5FEINAUER, BRETM0396688171238580
6HERTZOG, NATEM0152914194224607
7BURIAN, KEITHM0579487166226581
8HAMMER III., JIMM03586195223586
Team 9: Grateful Dudes
1SNYDER, ALANM05710709187235654
2LAITY, CHADM07211410158235639
3FLECK, JONM06010309171213610
4FIELD, BRENDONM09618159189288715
5PELKA, CHRISM09018055200279692
6MILLER, JEFFM0366047167209556
7WALDMAN, ZACHM0121723143185493
Team 10: Old Dogs
1DELEWSKI, FRANKM09014855165270649
2ZEBERT, STEVEM08714836170262636
3KENNEDY, STUM08715711180236677
4CLARK, KENNETHM08714865170237600
5SABULSKY, JOHNM09016743186245644
7ZEBERT, MIKEM0121944162201520
Team 11: Waddell & Reed
1PUTT, BRYANM07517034227299792
2UNDERKOFFLER, MICHAELM08117290213279756
3UNDERKOFFLER, JAMESM06914011203256700
4SAUL, KENM07814027179246620
5BAVER, DAVEM09018089200268695
6FEEG, BRIANM0428533203248697
Team 12: Railroad House
1LUCKANITZ, JASONM08111759145213581
2MOHN, DANIELM03567189202567
3ETIENNE, NOAKM06729121149398
4HIMMELREICH, CHADM06011769196254677
5LUDWIG, BRIANM09017812197268707
6GLASS, DANM07515392205300800
7DUNKLEBERGER, DAVEM08114261176245636
8ACEVEDO, NELSONM0101776177204576
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