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Bell Lanes
16810 North 99th Ave
Sun CityAZ 85351


Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Pin Bowl Wizards
1Funk, BeckyW833321107122321
2Jonas, TravisM000000
3Funk, MarkM03609203244609
4Givens, RandyM03659219233659
Team 2: Bowl Movements
1Erickson, DebraW633389129135389
2Erickson, DavidM623393131147393
3Deyton, JoshuaM96327993108279
4Hunter, ChrisM343488162189488
Team 3: "Happy Feet"
1Maxwell, LindaW11232257584225
2Knauel, BonnieW843319106122319
3Knauel, RonM763346115128346
4Barbarich, BillM843319106133319
Team 4: "The Striker's"
1Shapiro, GailW543421140163421
2Vanderlaan, DonnaW000000
3Vanderlaan, BernieM000000
4Shapiro, HowardM233523174191523
Team 5: Weenie Lovers
1Miller, AnnW863314104133314
2Miller, LarryM473441147162441
3Knauel, VictoriaW843318106119318
4, VACANTW670012500
Team 6: The Turkeys
1Ring, MarciaW843320106119320
2Haines, ErnieM623394131138394
3Haines, CharissaW10132618791261
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