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LeagueID: 125433
Tuesday Mixed
Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/29/2023
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 9/20/2023

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Below are the scores in your League for the Gender/Week/Report selected.

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Men's Game - 2022 fall Week 32
ScoreBowler NameTeam Name
267Peterson, MattFour on the Floor
245Fisher, RonOdd Balls
239Fisher, RonOdd Balls
236Donohoe, DerekThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
233Bailey, DennisKelly's Heroes
224Brown, PerryThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
219Richardson, DavidOdd Balls
219Miller, JasonFour on the Floor
216McMahon, JoeRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
214Reed, RandyKelly's Heroes
214Bladow, StephenNew Team (WQ2)
214Miller, JasonFour on the Floor
214Burns, DanOne Board Off
213Peterson, MattFour on the Floor
212Bladow, KrisNew Team (WQ2)
212Donohoe, DerekThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
207Marston, BillBigfoot Brigade
204Fisher, RonOdd Balls
203Ethridge, KellyKelly's Heroes
203Ethridge, KellyKelly's Heroes
200McAllister, MikeNew Team (WQ2)
199Bladow, StephenNew Team (WQ2)
199Bladow, KrisNew Team (WQ2)
196Donohoe, DerekThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
195Richardson, DavidOdd Balls
190Holland, DanielOne Board Off
189Peterson, CalebFour on the Floor
184Bladow, StephenNew Team (WQ2)
183Peterson, MattFour on the Floor
182George, RobertCharlie's Angels
182McMahon, JoeRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
182Brown, PerryThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
182Bailey, DennisKelly's Heroes
181Marston, BillBigfoot Brigade
180Holland, DanielOne Board Off
176Chames, MattOdd Balls
176Richardson, DavidOdd Balls
176Burns, DanOne Board Off
176Miller, JasonFour on the Floor
174Terry, RyanCharlie's Angels
173Terry, RyanCharlie's Angels
170D'Onofrio, JohnBigfoot Brigade
169Gaetze, CharlesCharlie's Angels
168George, RobertCharlie's Angels
168Marston, BillBigfoot Brigade
168Dettling, JohnThat's How We Roll
167Bureker, MarkusRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
167Brown, PerryThe Mandalorians (WQ3)
167D'Onofrio, JohnBigfoot Brigade
167Frampton, JassonFour on the Floor
166George, RobertCharlie's Angels
166Gaetze, CharlesCharlie's Angels
166Reed, RandyKelly's Heroes
164Bladow, KrisNew Team (WQ2)
164Frampton, JassonFour on the Floor
161Reed, RandyKelly's Heroes
160Ethridge, KellyKelly's Heroes
160D'Onofrio, JohnBigfoot Brigade
157Chames, MattOdd Balls
156Peterson, CalebFour on the Floor
156McAllister, MikeNew Team (WQ2)
156McMahon, JoeRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
153Holland, DanielOne Board Off
152Terry, RyanCharlie's Angels
149Peterson, CalebFour on the Floor
147Frampton, JassonFour on the Floor
147Burns, DanOne Board Off
145McAllister, MikeNew Team (WQ2)
142Bureker, MarkusRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
135Bureker, MarkusRock Creek Rollers(WQ1)
134Chames, MattOdd Balls
118Dettling, JohnThat's How We Roll
100Dettling, JohnThat's How We Roll
98Gaetze, CharlesCharlie's Angels