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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Spare Parts
1Reames, SheilaW5761034176212574
2Lucas, EliseW1046745124158378
3Barton, KenM394686196187539
4Reames, RickyM4261102193206558
5Tankersley, MikeM4361112192217604
Team 2: Never A Doubt
1Pulaski, JanetW826929148179523
2Stumpf, SharonW826843148183478
3Rambo, JenniferW886796142148419
4Stumpf, JimM3161085205227653
5Pulaski, MikeM2861144208231605
Team 3: Bowl Movements
1Sellers, AaronM676990165191529
2Sellers, AbbyW846878146192479
3Sellers, EricM866869144166481
4Fisher, SueW1086721120138369
5Fisher, RandyM6361020170212558
Team 4: Hoot & Holler
1McGrory, TinaW806899151173477
2Crocker, ShereeW996734130145370
3Wessinger, RoseW796815152159438
4Crocker, GaryM786845153162442
5Gibson, StacyM413568194222568
Team 5: Livin' On A Spare
1Faber, JakeM586922175166474
2Cha, DavidM6361021170198520
4Ledbetter, StephanyeW6361034169209536
5Bolton, MattM5761101176211563
Team 6: 2 Bills & Some Change
1Selzler, TheresaW636952170178476
2Bramlett II., BillM616995172192540
3Woods, SteveM6361015169191511
4Bradley, RandyM5461100179212574
5Balderman, BillM4161241194257680
Team 7: Can't Take 8
1Walling, ChrisM982263131142263
2Sarzyenski, BobM490018500
3Rogers, JackieW5861002175202573
4McPherson, JohnnyM5061001184204573
5Faulk, TerryM456908189173479
Team 8: May Da Pins B W/U
1Dalton, MattM906845140180454
2Payne, CrisW776987154193513
3Roark, BrandonM706840162163457
4Payne, JackM6261057171192543
5Todd, GeneM4461160191259658
Team 9: Team 9
1Collins, JasonM5061217184231619
2Follmer, TammyW826799148151415
3Ditch, JenniferW3061095206213606
4Follmer, GaryM4061139195213576
5Follmer, ZachM1561395223256708
Team 10: Fishing 4 Jello
1Johnson, SheliaW756924156191466
2Cullinan, AndyM806908151186463
3Fulmer, PhilipM623514171174514
4Golden, ChristopherM4061144195214609
5Graham, MackM4961135185266606
Team 11: 4 Rights 1 Wrong
1Mahaffey, SandraW1106672117131340
2Bickley, KennyM6261022171235579
3Grant, JuliaW1086747119158393
4Stanfield, TomM626856171167473
5Grant, TroyM4161119194213610
Team 12: Christian Coalition
1Van Dalen, DebbieW6061001173203506
2Hill, RayM886872142200481
3Christian, DebbieW656995167191507
4Feeney, MissyW663480166167480
5Autry, DexterM3861075197199541
Team 13: Woo Hoo
1Gilbert, CindyW796918152180506
2Bowen, CeliaW000000
3Edelmayer, PatW926877137167460
4Edelmayer, MikeM746933157175512
5Thomas, GregM761292232259685
6Sene, SuliM553481178178481
Team 14: Tk And The Boys
1Knight, TerryW723494160186494
2Sofaly, KarrenW756938156186495
3Cook, MikeM6261028171180516
4Stallworth, AlM3461103202236557
5Dayton (R), MikeM3061318206245671
6Branch, MichaelM593523174190523
Team 15: Moe's Bitches
1Cates, MaureenW776825154170427
2Bryant, DonnaW750015600
3Kesling, ScottM886837142177447
4Bryant, RonM353602201221602
5Cates, RobertM333555203200555
Team 16: Chasing Strikes
1Oswald, MarvinM616929172191479
2Walker, RoyM516971183188492
3Oswald, PamW650016700
4Gornto, LesterM403509195180509
5Dykstra, DonM583480175191480
Team 17: Almost On Time
1Ellison, LawrenceM710016100
2Holms, AnitraW996782130173427
3McCawley, PatrickM656925167179486
4Stewart, RonnieM693442163177442
5Ellison, JayM550017800
Team 18: Beer Belly's
1Knoob, ConnieW666996166189505
2Shuttleworth, ErikaW119653210795272
3Shuttleworth, MichaelM5161233183258628
4Trueax, LarryM696981163191533
5Knoob, ChrisM766935155182509
Team 19: Top Gun 2
1Fisher-Wright, MelonieW4761104187195569
2Kirby, YuriW3761192198256629
3DeMarco, TempyW710016100
4Wright, J TM4861002186216561
5Woomer, RogerM3061307206236654
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