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Lane Assignments Bowlifi Tues Invitational-2018-2019

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
311Excelsior Pro Shop18833 322No Silk All Cripples8825
333Five Cousins10854 344Got Eem6839
355Bang Bang14863 366Two Pairs Of 10'S11831
377It's Miller Time5823 388Presidental Breaks3847
399S T B9795 4010Controlled Chaos1832
4111Need To A Just4795 4212Pop-A-Lock16840
4313I Don't Care13784 4414Glen Cove Boys17813
4515Keep It Rollin15760 4616Checkered Flag2793
4717Whatever7798 4818Big Time12786