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Updated 08/22/2019

Center Top Bowlers By Season


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Below are the top 50 bowlers in your Bowling Center for the Season/Report selected.

Men's Top 50 High Scratch Games - 2019 Fall
300Marshall, Delano
289Taylor, Norbert
279Peterson, Ricky
279Atkinson, Frazier
269Winston, Anthony
268Mixon, Gary
267Ford, Keith
267Brown, Antwan
267Tillman, Bryan
267Mason, Thomas
265Huffman, Brent
265Sloan, Robert
264Rankin, York
259Brooks, Tyrell
259Brown, Raymond
259Moody, Garlon
259Moore, Juan
259Hall, Bobby
259Graham, Kent
258Lee, Larry
258Hill, Bobby
258Keys, Kevin
258Ishmael, Bobby
257Roach, George
257Womack, Adam
257Morris, C Verro
256Ross, Maurice
256Wilson, Barry
256Morris, Daniel
256Prescott, Steven
256Joy, Joseph
255Strickland, Michael
254Clark, Artavius
254Green, Phil
253Welbon, Adrian
253Colding, Nate
250Bell, Danny
249Burton, Jermel
248Fusco, Charles
247Anderson, Reginald
247Walker, Shawn
247Williams, John
247Hooks, Sedrick
246Plight, George
246Shields, Rodney
246Patterson, James
245Dessaso, Anthony
245Sloan, Robert
245Weaver, Gerald
245Swails, Rozelle
244Grimes, Chris
244Lyles, Angelo
241Addison, Alfred
239williams, Jerome
239Edwards, Bruce
238Williams, Cornelius
238Higgs, Aren
238Nelson, Marcus
238Barbour, Joseph
237Hembrey, Earl T
237Freeman, Willie
237Hall, Ricky
237Frazier, Gregory
236Roy, Kevin
236Brooks, Cameron
236Stradford, Joshua
236Bryant, Ricky
236Thompson, Ronald
236McMurray, Aaron
236Thomas, Lawrence
235Hunt, Micheal
235Banks, Daryl
235Millard, James
235Smith, Johnathan
234Fowler, Marxus
234Thomas, Edwin
234Gilliam, Leroy
234McCoy, Sam
234Scott, Linwood
234Hunt, Michael
234Tate, Keith
234Wilson, Damon
233Hendricks, James
233Prout, Kevin
233Dawes, Vincent
233Clark, Artavius
232Jones, Markus
232Jefferson, Reuben
232James, Mark
231Peterson, Allen
231Welbon, Jonathan
231Leathers, Gregory
229Williams, Deonne
229Clark, Artavius
227Garner, Jeremy
227Williams, James
227Sloan, Robert
227Nowlin, Paul
227Mayo, Anthony
226Hefley, Paul
Women's Top 50 High Scratch Games - 2019 Fall
279Douglas, Tonia
247Morris, Traci
238Akers-Epps, Marina
236Tucker, Michelle
236Lanier, Adrienne
233Hickmon, Dawn
231Lyles, Tori
231Samuel, Salome
231Spriggs, Angela
227Fells, Phyllis
226Barton, Diamond
221Johnson, Tiana
221Collick, Angela
218Washington, Tonya
215Russell, Shellene
215Meadows, Kayla
215Brooks, Mary
214Smith, Jocelyn
214Taylor, Kenyetta
213Bell, Amber
212White, Nannette
212Lofland, LaJoye
210Clingman, Corina
210Poe, Angela
210Dorsey, Beverly
209Elmore, Linda
207Cooper, Sabrina
207Swan, Cynthia
207Norman, Matrice
206Lee-Plater, Lisa
206Redmond, Cheryl
205Barbour, Kendra
205Greene, Tonie
205Johnson, Cynthia
205Bell, Trina-Renee
204Evans, Briana
204Clark, Angel
204Ward, Margaret
204Horn, Robyn
202Patrick, Deborah
201Nelson, April
201Spain, Dena
201Walker, Carla
200Owens, Shanell
199Johnson-Lassite, Zena
199Hollins, Shelby
196Blackshear, Anjanette
195Holmes, Patrice
195Hill-Morgan, April
195Eubanks, Kisha
194Williams, Jackie
193Miller, Kimberly
192Lane, Yolanda
192Coleman, Makeba
190Loman, Robyn
190Casey, Kimberly
189Anderson, Jacqueline
189Jones, Veronica
187Cooper, Elsie
187Payton, Lashan
186Cephas, Donna
185Padgett, Mozell
184Dorsey, Helen
184Harley, Phyllis
184McHenry, Priscilla
184Callaway, Linda
182Williams, Antionette
182Wood, Janet
181Canada, Loretta
181Hale, Angela
181Silas, Denise
179Owens, Regina
179Shackelford, Valerie
179Green, Geneva
179Christian, Johnnie
179Clark, Angel
178Smith, Andrea
178Goodman, Marilyn
177Scales, Alfredia
177Carter, Melvina
176Spriggs, Nicole
176Brown, Janice
175Hopps, Agnes
175Sydnor, Alisa (Wendi)
175Norcome, Patricia
173Lilly, Bonita
173Kirby, Shawn
172Weaver, Rita
172Williams, Linda
171Rhodes, Marzella
171Savoy, Brigitte
171Gaines, Patricia
170Brooks, Karen
170Williams, Gwen
169Harley, Phyllis
167Lumpkin, Joyce
166Jones, Barbara
166Jordan, Marguerite
165Stroman, Cordelia
165Wilson, Deborah
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