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1190 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Boynton BeachFL 33426
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Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 09/16/2019
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/20/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: The Winners
1SPECTOR, HAROLDM629011798131187469
2KLEINMAN, MARVINM649512210128179461
3LOKITZ, MIKEM558111224138185509
4SPECTOR, STUM98315777190257663
Team 2: Oy Oy Oy
1LAZAROFF, PATW539012775141208506
2CLEMON, JUDYW71789443121170434
3WEISS, DIANEW62729488131204505
4BROWN, BARRYM217513273176245637
Team 3: Hot Shots
1GRUBER, IRVM447911936151220509
2ALBERTSON, BOBM679011267125201464
3STROBEL, JOEM719611667121177438
4HERMANN, BRUCEM169316988182258631
Team 4: Happy Hour
1FORSTER, PHYLLISW62628179131169478
2DAY, RICKM699611876123176446
3GLICKMAN, DAVIDM398413174156230567
4GOLDSMITH, JERRYM319315396165234603
Team 5: My Girls
1GOLDSMITH, SANDIW619011957132172468
2TOWNSEND, RONNAW74789126117166430
3MOWER, CATHYW81394328110159413
4WEISS, SYM127814560186254670
Team 6: I Don't Care
1HOLSBORG, GAILW668110206126172440
2RHODES, DUSTYM619312282132174463
3BAR, CHETM608110784133221513
4MICHALIC, DENNISM339315199163241585
Team 7: J. E. R. K.
1MAYER, RUSSM82788487108186418
2BUCKLEY, JUNEW73789262118158418
3CLEMON, EDM478412429147213505
4FIOTO, KATHYW419614822154210512
Team 8: We Don't Give A Split
1MARTORELLA, PHYLLISW508011543144210515
2STANWOOD, LINDAW669311789126200448
3, VACANTW720012000
4ALBERTSON, JOANNW569613163137207482
Team 9: Lexington
1RATNER, BOBM678410531125194457
2ROSENBERG, JULIEW608411183133180494
3FINE, PHILM56486589137179466
4LABUSH, BERNIEM497510935145199538
Team 10: Longshots
1GOROWAY, IRISW558511737138217533
2MAYER, JUDYW84818636106153412
3HOLSBORG, HAROLDM558712084138180480
4ROHAN, KENM498712671145220516
Team 11: Tommy's Angels
1, VACANTM720012000
2LANE, TOMM65779786127190494
3LEVITHAN, LINDAW567810725137173473
4LECHNER, ROBINW319215206165259550
Team 12: Seriously??
1LAZAROFF, HARVEYM639211967130174466
2WENTZ, JIMM64638103128171440
3MIRSKY, PAULM558712034138188461
4LECHNER, HALM366710664159203565
Team 13: The Lucky Thirteens
1HERMANN, DIANNEW729611599120169455
2GREEN, BOBM77758556114157407
3RIDER, STEVEM629312217131175467
4GOROWAY, BARRYM398413159156217570
Team 14: Should Have Been
1COSTA, FRANW669011423126174438
2BAR, TERRYW559012501138201490
3SACHS, MARVINM47446479147194493
4GILBERT, JERRYM369014316159221556
Team 15: Yes We Can
1ROSENBERG, JOANW83667086107133362
2ABRAMS, HALM84626589106142381
3TOWNSEND, BOBM509012980144211520
4LAMPEL, MILTM388413209157244561
Team 16: Avalon 3 + 1
1DUSENBURY, JOEM659311854127183456
2WEISSMAN, JERRYM88848616102161362
3HOROWITZ, RICHM70759192122158425
4MARGULIS, MARTYM578411498136193475