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Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin 

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Pinheadz
1DEMPSEY, SeanM03522200188522
2COURAGE, GavinM350015600
3KEARNEY, RossM243540169220540
Team 2: Gulleybusters
1MC FADDEN, JamesM283480165172480
2RYAN, StephenM446687144124354
3GALVIN, ThomasM143541182212541
4GALVIN, JosephM446752144152421
Team 3: 4 Hire
1GALLAGHER, JoeM292304163157304
2BAILHAM, JohnM162290180177290
3JOYCE, AdrianM153590181217590
4GALLAGHER, JeffM62281192159281
Team 4: Cornerballs
1LYNCH, RayM2761076166213551
2LALOR, AineW576739128144386
3HINCHLIFFE, RogerM346910157170484
4KEBBELL, RitaW280016400
Team 5: Liverpool Lads
1PARROTT, RaymondM360015400
2PARROTT, RobertM530013300
3DEATON, MarkM183461177164461
4KIERAN, MarkM723327109112327
Team 6: 3 Amigos
1MURRAY, TonyM436851146153433
2FUSCARDI, SilvioM486802140157422
3JUNGE, StephanM446924144177497
Team 7: Hit + Miss
1MOLDT, TobiasM453441143158441
2HAZZARD, BernieW533404133148404
3VIALE, FrancoM330015800
Team 8: The Dublin Strikers
1KIERAN, SharonW806638100119326
2DOYLE, CiaranM2461129170233579
3DOYLE, EileenW790010100
4LEWIS, AlanM663368117136368
5O'BRIEN, MickM403412149153412
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