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CenterID: 3786
Allen's Crosley Lanes
2400 E Evergreen Blvd
VancouverWA 98661

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LeagueID: 91534
Renegades 2019/20
Bowls On: Wednesdays
Start Date: 09/04/2019
Start Time: 5:30 PM
Last Updated: 3/16/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Three Plus One
1Mills, ShirleyW66547918146203518
2Wuitschick, RogerM377813890178244628
3Moye, ArtM397813801176258626
4Mills, TomM187214402200278694
Team 2: Strange Brew
1Torrey, JamesM84789836126203476
2Shaffer, GeradM477212056167225601
3Shaffer, DarrenM457813234169258632
4Torrey, JohnM367814025179245654
Team 3: King Pin
1Johns, KenM41244176174204551
2Foster, KrystalW87485918123171422
3Mayer, RonM82587445128175436
4Dejongh, KirkM93212456116181388
5Curry, ZachryM446010307171246581
6Curry Jr., MikeM367112715179236606
Team 4: Family Affair
1Prestrud, TerrieW66487026146188495
2Dowd, NicoleW76577697135189478
3Dowd, MattM326912709184266650
4Prestrud, ChuckM287814689188260649
5Dowd, TiaW78547207133174464
Team 5: Off Constantly
1Peluso, MarcM657511041147221573
2Turner, BillM75638582136171477
3Jones, KrissiW80577484131203521
4Hoisington, JimM356912506181257661
Team 6: Tlc With Ad
1Balta, LeeM377813921178258683
2Peterson, David AM277514324190278701
3Hampton, TerranceM347413500182264637
4Balta, CaseyM24519880193258633
Team 7: Spare Us
1McCracken, SharonW807810281131170450
2Sutton, HeidiW11857503688129313
3Jones, TimM36244305179235572
4Sutton, DeanM586610232155216544
5McCracken, LenM357814186181258676
Team 8: Gutter Dusters
1Hoyt, PeggyW84698708126169438
2Whitlock, RuthW57639882156202541
3Keksi, EdnaW727210073139197489
4, VACANTM900012000
Team 9: Gutter Dun
1Rawlings, SallyW63385713150193547
2Castro, WayneM51579291163212563
3Cockreham, LoriW507512338164242567
4, VACANTM900012000
Team 10: The 12'S
1Smith, LincolnM32274977184235633
2Neilson, JeanieW97667398112163394
3Orde, ElaineW68517369144235520
4Orde, JasonM38488512177230663