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10 High Country Lanes
261 Boone Heights Dr
BooneNC 28607

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Red Angels
1MCMILLAN, KARENW60333979120191445
2MANGRAM, NADINEW58313789122165416
3LYONS, REDM55334140125183451
4GREENE, MARYW75242541105159409
Team 2: We're A Team
1PLAUGHER, ROBM56273361124166425
2THOMPSON, BECKYW463404134157404
3PLAUGHER, JANEW63303532117152387
4MARINO, RICKM77242488103139339
5WORSLEY, JOHNM59263146121178412
Team 3: Hit Or Miss
1GLEN, PATTIW60242895120199448
2ADAMS, MARYW54334185126160432
3BROWN, DIANEW57232843123159419
4MCDONALD, BEVERLYW48303972132183456
Team 4: Reba's Rebels
1FARTHING, REBAW48233036132168457
2GREENE, ANGIEW70293197110160398
3GUY, FRANKM67232604113167412
4GREENE, MARYW64273139116167380
Team 5: High Country Rollers
1SEMPSROTT, WALTM56303724124177458
2VANNATTER, JOHNM46304021134169442
3HALL, DOUGM44304098136162442
4FOWLER, BUDM41334604139202497
Team 6: 50-50
1FERGUSON, JUDYW56273367124171455
2HOGAN, LYNNW44293949136166451
3BRYAN, SAMM46334442134201446
4SMITH, JERRYM25304671155235549
Team 7: Then And Now
1BENTLEY, SHIRLEYW8925228091111314
2MAINS, PEGGYW57303692123159423
3USHER, DAVIDM50334311130163430
4LATIMER, HEDYW48131724132178398
5RASMUSSEN, BOBM45121627135196457
Team 8: Four Play
1FORSHEE, DEBORAHW9430260186111295
2THOMPSON, DONM0152811187233609
3FORSHEE, REESEM68242709112164386
4COOK, DEREKM48334387132180444
5GRUBBS, BILLM28324879152216495
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