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 White Dot Bowling Ball Lime-Slime

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This ball does not come pre-drilled. Drilling it to your grip will help, but this is still a beginner ball for sure. It looks cool, and a beginner could definitely get a leg up from using this, which is a nicer ball. Pancake core, so doesn’t hook much at all, more of a straight ball. You might even want to keep this around as a spare ball. Overall I can tell it’s good quality because it’s actually made by Columbia.

Columbia 300's White Dot series of balls are still one of the worlds favorite choices because of the continuous beauty and quality Columbia have continued to provide. This ball contains a round core with a Pancake weight block, all surrounded by a foam urethane and plastic coverstock. The polished finish ensures that the ball will travel down the lane, gliding over the oil. This ball is a winning choice for entry-level bowlers and seasoned bowlers alike. Grab your Columbia 300 White Dot today! Columbia White Dot Ball Specs: Color: Lime Slime All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown. Coverstock: Polyester Core: Pancake Factory Finish: Polished Reaction: Spare/Straight Recommended Lane Condition: Any A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal



6 to 15 pounds


• Color: Lime Slime
• Coverstock: Polyester
• Core: Pancake

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