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One word. Wow! What an amazing bowling ball. We got the 16 pounder, and man does it have power! We even let some friends use the ball, and they saw an immediate increase in their score. It feels good, and hooks even better. I’ll admit, even holding it feels like you are about to be driving a sports car! I will say that this is probably not a great ball for a beginner. A ball of this quality and precision is definitely for someone who knows what they are doing all the way up to advanced and pro players. GREAT ball.


Storm has joined forces with multi PBA champion Jason Belmonte to create a ball that they feel will be timeless. The Storm Timeless is the first ball to be released in Storm's Signature Line of bowling balls. This ball uses the unique Dual-Drive core and partners it with the amazing R2S coverstock. This core and cover team creates a ball that is fast-revving like the IQ Tour and hits with power much like the Hy-Road. The Dual-Drive core is a weight block within a weight block. These two weight blocks work together to create a ball core that generates faster revving action and a greater amount of energy transmission at the pins. The R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock glides through the front of the lane and then reacts to the backend with a unique motion.



12 to 16 pounds


Designed in collaboration with Jason Belmonte
Big Hitting Power
Color: Blue Solid/Platinum Pearl/Black Pearl
Core: Dual-Drive (14-16#)

Felt like a pro using this ball! admin 2/24/2018 05:54 AM

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