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I am a straight shooter when it comes to my bowling game and this ball is the perfect one for me. I have the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball in pink/silver/purple and it's more beautiful in person than in the photos. This is definitely a straight rolling ball that holds the lane well. It is a well balanced ball that goes where I want it to go and it has definitely improved my game!

Pyramid Bowling brings high quality bowling products at affordable prices. The Pyramid Path Polyester bowling ball offers bowlers great looks at affordable prices, perfect for all ages and skill levels. This bowling ball is designed to go straight; it's perfect for bowlers that want a precise shot every time. Backed by a 2-Year warranty, this ball guarantees to turn heads. Be the first to own the Pyramid Path.



Available in a variety of weights from 6 to 16 pounds.
Available in a variety of colors: aqua/silver, black/orange, black/silver, blue/black/white, emerald/lime/acid yellow, hot pink/lime green, pink/purple/silver, and pink/black.


-Perfect for all ages and skill levels
-Polyester coverstock for straight shots
-Pyramid quality, 2-year warranty
-New and undrilled in box
-Some Colors Blacklight Reactive

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