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One word. Power! Because this ball has what they call an injector core, it has POWER! Best used in light to medium oil conditions. And its a sharp looking ball. Can't go wrong at all and its available even with free shipping.

The Octane Carbon from Motiv was designed for light to medium oil lanes and offers length with a continuous backend motion. This ball has the Agitator MXR (MaXimum energy Retention) Pearl Reactive coverstock and is finished with a 5500 grit LSP. The Injector core has a higher RG which helps the ball go further down the lane before breaking and the coverstock helps retain the balls energy. The core utilizes a dual-density design along with a moderate differential to produce a responsive backend reaction. Bottom line is that the Red Fire Pearl Octane Carbon creates easy length down the lane with continuous backend motion that powers through the pin deck.


Color: Red Fire Pearl (Black/Orange Pearl NeoMark)
Core: Injector
Coverstock: Agitator MXR Pearl
Finish: 5500-grit LSP
RG: 2.56 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.042 (15# ball)
Reaction: Length with strong backend
Recommended Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil


RG: 2.56 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.042 (15# ball)

What a great ball. I have it and its FANTASTIC! admin 12/18/2017 08:13 AM

I want this ball just the down and end snap looking for. 383596RR 2/4/2018 04:03 PM

Wife bought for me as Christmas present took awhile to break in and bowl a 300 game with it in march love this ball.?. 4/15/2018 08:36 PM

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