Review Of Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

 Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus Bowling Bag

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The Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller is an great bag for a great price. This bag is perfect because it is much more compact than other 3-ball roller bags I have owned in the past. There are several pockets, in various sizes, that work great for storing and organizing all of my equipment. I love the small pocket because I never lose my keys at the bottom of my bag anymore. Because this bag is so lightweight, it doesn't end up getting too heavy for me, even when I stuff it will all of my gear. The only thing I would change is to remove the strap and replace it with a sturdy handle.

Whether you're a regular tournament bowler on the national circuit, a weekly league bowler or just bowling for the fun of it, the Path Triple Tote Roller Plus by Pyramid delivers exceptional quality, style and ease of use.

With features that just make sense, the Path Triple Tote Roller Plus by Pyramid makes a perfect companion for any bowling outing.

Easy In, Easy Out
Featuring pickup handles on both sides of the bag for easy transport in and out of vehicles, baggage claims, or storage, the Path Triple Tote Roller Plus allows for convenience in storing and moving your arsenal without strain or stress.

Combined with dual rolling wheels at the back, the Path Triple Tote Roller Plus can be pulled along by the adjustable tow strap to wherever you need to go.

Convenient Small Accessory Pocket
Keep your keys, tape, tools, or other small items easily accessible and ready-to-go in the low profile accessory pocket opposite the main accessory compartment.

Spacious Large Accessory Pocket
Perfect for positioners, polish, towels, shoe protectors, and other bowling essentials, the large accessory pocket runs most of the length of the bag, allowing for easy and quick retrieval of whatever you may need.

Detachable Top Compartments
Detachable shoe bag holds one pair of shoes up to size 15 Mens

Detachable accessory bag holds small accessories and essentials right where you need them. Both compartments secure to the bag with clips and hook-and-loop fastening, allowing for confident and secure transport of your bowling equipment.



Available in a variety of colors including black, lime, blue, orange and silver.


-Heavy duty 1680 denier construction with 840D dobby accent color.
-Detachable shoe compartment holds shoes up to a U.S. men's size 15
-Detachable top accessory pack for ample storage
-Compact wheels, Padded tow strap handle
-Dimensions (L: 27") (H: 14.5") (W: 8.5")

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