Review Of BSI Double Ball Roller Bowling Bag

 BSI Double Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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With most bowling ball bags, you can tell the quality just by touching the fabric, and with this one, you can tell right away as soon as you un-box it that it is a quality made bag. It holds two balls perfectly, we tried different variations of ball weights, and whether the balls were light or heavy, the bag still rolled real nice. We also stuffed some shoes in there as well. Large nice smooth wheels, Velcro strap inside to hold the balls, and you can also use the shoulder strap if you want. Our initial reaction is this is a great ball bag, good quality, nothing too fancy about it, but it has nice color options as well. Its even airplane carry on bag size, if you want to travel with it in cabin. The only drawback is that maybe it could use a little more room to carry two pairs of shoes instead of just one.

BSI 3200 double ball roller bag in black and red has dual padded ball compartments, separate shoe compartment and personal organizer pocket. This bag utilizes smooth rolling wheels and a retractable square tubular handle for easy transportation.


Color options, Black/Grey, Black/Orange, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Red


Weight 7.2 pounds, Personal organizer pocket
Padded Ball Compartment
Separate Shoe Compartment
Zippered end pockets

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