Why join the only service in the bowling industry that provides bowling center and bowling league information such as standings, team rosters, recap sheets and game-by-game bowling data?

Experience Matters

Work with the most experienced company for bowling data in the industry. Between CDE Software and LeagueSecretary.com, we have over 40+ years combined experience. See our About Us page for more information.

World Class Customer Service

We answer all inquiries within 24 hours. During the week, you will most likely receive a response within just a few hours. Our website is not just a business, it is our passion and you will be treated as such.

Cloud Based Data Storage Solution

View your data from any device ranging from Desktops, Tablets, Mobile Browsers, or even our custom made Mobile App.


No more worries on computer crashes. We will automatically store a backup of your last two uploads. If you ever need a copy of your files, they will be readily available to download and restore back to your CDE Software Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program.

Upload your data for Free!

Utilizing CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program (purchase required), bowling league administrators or bowling center management have the ability to upload all of their bowling league data absolutely free!

View your data for Free!

Once your data has been uploaded, you have 100% access to all the reports, charts and graphs including Standing Sheets, Recap Sheets and tons more information. No other company provides the granular detail that we do.

Historical Bowling Data

Many bowling leagues on our site have data dating back to 2001 when our website was first launched. With this data, the bowlers can view their progression, not just week after week, but also season after season and year after year.

Find Centers, Leagues, Teams And More!

Find and view bowling centers and bowling leagues around the world. See how other Leagues are formatted.

How to Upload

Make sure you have CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program. Then, see our How to Upload page.

Click on any league below to view all that we have to offer:

Latest Uploads - time in MST
Sportsman's Bowl PM Youth 19-20NY11/17 04:55 AM
SATURDAY AM U15/20 2019/2020PA11/17 04:52 AM
Jeugd 2019-2020 11/17 04:52 AM
#1609 Airport Mixed CouplesNY11/17 04:52 AM
Bruce Furbeck Mem. Jr. Pro Jr/Major 20NY11/17 04:50 AM
Lakers 2019-2020MI11/17 04:50 AM
#1610 Get TogetherNY11/17 04:47 AM
Bruce Furbeck Memorial Jr. Pro Prep 20NY11/17 04:45 AM
Saturday Superstars Gold 2019-20SC11/17 04:45 AM
Donderdag Laat 2019/2020 11/17 04:42 AM
#1603 Family TiesNY11/17 04:42 AM
Saturday Superstars Silver 2019-20SC11/17 04:40 AM
Dinsdag laat 2019/2020 11/17 04:37 AM
#1602 Saturday Elite Bowling LeagueNY11/17 04:37 AM
B & R Sports League 19/20NY11/17 04:35 AM
Dinsdag vroeg 2019/2020 11/17 04:32 AM
Saturday Superstars Bronze 2019-20SC11/17 04:30 AM
Maandag 2019/2020 11/17 04:27 AM
Wiesbaden Youth Bowling League 2019-20 11/17 04:22 AM
#1611 Airport BumpersNY11/17 04:22 AM
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