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Howell Lanes
Howell, New Jersey

Bowling Leagues

Below is the list of bowling leagues for the Howell Lanes bowling Center in Howell, New Jersey. The Average column is based on Total Pins divided Total Games for the bowling league for the season. Looking for a more competitive bowling league? Join a bowling league with the highest bowling average. Looking for a more casual bowling league? Join a mid to lower average bowling league.

If your bowling league is not listed, talk with your bowling center management or your bowling league secretary about uploading your bowling league data to us using CDE Software's BLS Program. Once you have the bowling league software, there is no charge to upload your bowling league data to our website!

Howell LanesHowell, NJ
1002 RT 9   Map
Howell, NJ 07731

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 LeagueIDLeagueAverageSeasonDayTimeTypeLast Update
 30821SUNDAY ADULT YOUTH 2016-2017133FallSun10:00 AMHdcp Adlt/Yth Mix4/26/2017
 65233MIXED NUTS 2016-2017158FallSun6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 84871FREEHOLD CHURCH LEAGUE 2016-17152FallMon6:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 34822MONDAY HOTSHOTS 2017140SprngMon10:00 AMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 40172HANKEL CLASSIC 2016-2017197FallMon6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 67897SOUTH KNOLLS SUMMER LEAGUE 2016143SumMon10:00 AMHdcp Adlt Mix8/3/2016
 82135Monday Madness 2016173SumMon7:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix8/31/2016
 82139PETRAGLIA JUNIOR DOUBLES 2016156SumMon7:00 PMScr Yth Mix8/31/2016
 43045SC JR VARSITY BOYS 2017133WntMon3:00 PMScr Yth Mix2/1/2017
 50295SC JR VARSITY GIRLS 2017102WntMon3:00 PMScr Yth Mix2/1/2017
 50296SC VARSITY BOYS 2017173WntMon3:00 PMScr Yth Mix2/1/2017
 50297SC VARSITY GIRLS 2017141WntMon3:00 PMScr Yth Mix2/1/2017
 89779WESTLAKE MIXED 2016-17137FallTues6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 69025FREEHOLD INTERMEDIATE LEAGUE 2016-17172FallTues6:35 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 38092COORS LIGHT TRIOS SUMMER 2016176SumTues8:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix8/31/2016
 83538SLEEPY HOLLOW 2016-2017138FallTues9:20 AMHdcp Womens4/26/2017
 53731LADIES NIGHT OUT 2016-2017147FallTues6:45 PMHdcp Womens4/26/2017
 68024DOUBLE TROUBLE 2016138SumWed7:00 PMHdcp Adlt/Yth Mix9/2/2016
 47003Wed Night Mixed 2016-2017155FallWed6:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 39907TONY CRISPE SOUTH KNOLLS 2016-17139FallWed10:00 AMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 83298Wednesday Freehold Township 2016-17136FallWed4:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix3/17/2017
 83214Thursday Night Men's Trios 2016-17184FallThur6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 83553Howell Businessmen 2016-2017161FallThur6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 53732CHEAP THRILLS 2016-2017173FallThur9:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 33566RIVIERA @ FREEHOLD 2016-2017140FallThur6:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 36701KINGS AND QUEENS 2016-2017141WntThur9:45 AMHdcp Adlt Mix4/28/2017
 68873GINNY CRAIG LEAGUE 2015-2016128FallThur10:00 AMHdcp Adlt Mix5/6/2016
 38025SUMMER FUN 2016161SumThur7:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix9/2/2016
 67924PB3 JR Gold Classic 2016141SumThur7:00 PMScr Yth Mix8/19/2016
 91373ST. ROSE BOWLING 2016-201786FallThur2:50 PMHdcp Yth Mix2/17/2017
 66260GUYS and DOLLS 2016-2017167FallFri8:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 82286Friday Eat & Run Pizza 2016109SumFri6:00 PMHdcp Yth Mix8/24/2016
 31370PB3/Petraglia Scholarship 2016-17163FallFri6:00 PMScr Yth Mix4/26/2017
 66461PARENTS GONE WILD 2016-17128FallSat7:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/26/2017
 65457SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 2016-2017131FallSat7:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/12/2017
 84193ORT MIXED OF FREEHOLD MANALAPAN 2016-17129FallSat7:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/19/2017
 70214SATURDAY LITTLE LEAGUERS 2016-17130FallSat7:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix4/19/2017
 65583SATURDAY BRAT PACK 2016-2017104FallSat10:00 AMHdcp Yth Mix4/26/2017